Sowing tips of the potato planting machine


With the continuous expansion of potato planting areas, artificial planting of potato seeds has become a huge project. In order to improve the efficiency of artificial planting and save labor costs, Aike Machinery has developed a 3 point hitch potato planting machine. The use of this machine has improved the efficiency of potato planting and also increased the survival rate of potato seeds. Aike Machinery will introduce the equipment to everyone.

Sowing tips of Potato Seeder

Before planting, use other power machines to transport the planting host to the planting site, connect it to the tractor, and then plant the field.

Field seeding: When seeding in the field, only one operator is required. First, add seeds and fertilizer to the side of the field. If the seedbox is full, it can hold 30kg of seed pieces, and the fertilizer box can fill with 15kg of compound fertilizer. Use a potato seeder to sow. Seeds and fertilizers do not have to be full. It is better to contain 2/3, but it must be more than 1/3. Do not stop mechanized sowing in the middle of the field, so it should be calculated according to the seeding amount of each row. It is best to return to the original place and add seeds and fertilizer.

Ready, start the tractor, the driver combines the clutch, and the sowing gear is in the first gear. After loosening the clutch, the machine runs forward. The seeding system is driven by the ground wheels. Ditch the ditch with the front ditch. Place the seed pieces in the sowing ditch. A soil-covering shovel covers a thin layer of soil on top of the seeds. After covering the soil, the fertilizer passes through the fertilizing duct to fertilize the seed potatoes. This method of covering thin soil before fertilizing is called layered fertilization. This will ensure sufficient fertilizer without harming the seed potatoes. Covering shovel finally completes the soil ridge. It sows 1 line at a time, called a single line single ridge. The fixed plant spacing was 30 cm and the row spacing was 60 cm. The ridge height is 10 ~ 15cm, the width of the ridge surface is 15cm, and the ridge distance is 40cm. When sowing, pay attention to whether the fertilization is normal and the potato cups are operating normally.

Maintenance of potato planter

Double row potato planter made in China, this equipment is also an important work for its maintenance after use.
1. The potato planter should use on soil that has been cultivated, loosened, cleaned, leveled and has a suitable moisture content.

2. Corresponding inspection and maintenance tools should be equipped to ensure constant improvement and prevent problems before they occur. Each rotating part should be inspected and oiled for maintenance according to the requirements of use.

3. Check its tension and adjust the tensioning device accordingly. Be sure to pay attention to the sprocket whose position is determined by moving on the shaft and lock it with the fastening screw. Check the tightness of each joint frequently, and lock it immediately if it is loose.

4. The clay phenomenon of individual working parts that occur in the work process should be cleaned at any time to avoid affecting the normal operation.

Aike Machinery specializes in a single row and double row potato planter exporter. Our equipment is not only sold domestically but now it has also been sold to many foreign countries and has been well received by customers. Now single row and double row potato planter for sale, welcome everyone to buy.

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