Sowing knowledge about potato planter


Potato planter is a comprehensive mechanized planting method that integrates ditching, fertilization, seeding, suppression, soil cover, etc. It has the advantage of saving soil, saving labor, and saving fertilizer. The use of mechanized sowing not only improves the quality of sowing and reduces the labor intensity, but also provides conditions for mechanization of cultivating and harvesting. Rotary tillage can use for stubble, heavy target land, autumn ground preparation, ridge, seeding, and fertilization continuous operations.

Sowing knowledge about potato planter

Machinery selection: According to the planting scale, imported or domestic can select a single row and double row potato planter, and equipped with fertilizer planter for seeding operation. Field management machinery mainly includes cultivators or three-plow plows, and spraying machines. The supporting power shall depend on the specific conditions of the seeder and supporting agricultural tools.

Soil preparation before sowing: Mechanical sowing and land preparation should carry out before sowing potatoes. Generally, the cultivation depth should no less than 30 cm. If necessary, it should carry out deep sowing operations. The ground surface should be leveled after the sowing.

About seeding: Generally, the seeding depth should between 8-15 cm. In areas with low soil temperature and high humidity, shallow sowing should be appropriate. After the emergence of seedlings, the depth of seed potatoes should be adjusted by cultivating the soil. In high and dry areas, deep sowing should be carried out. Cover the mulch in time after sowing, and the early spring cultivation can be covered with black and white interphase film. Potatoes are planted as early as possible under the temperature conditions.

Selection and matching of 3 Point hitch Potato Planting Machine: The potato seeder can be divided into the ridge, flat, and ridge and flat crops according to the operation method. The three methods can be divided according to the type of opener: opener The hoe type opener can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic seeders according to the degree of automation. The current potato seeder: its seeding system, there are mainly two types of spoon chain and plate hole bowl.

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