Small Walking Tractor Supporting Rotary Tiller


The mechanical structure of rotary tiller

Aike Machinery produces small walking tractor supporting rotary tiller is a hand-held tractor. It is a diesel engine power. Its small size, flexibility, and strong power make it very popular among farmers. Turn to the clutch mainly by the left and right armrests, different from the steering wheel. When any of the left and right clutches are separated, the corresponding wheel is stationary or the speed is decreased. And the other wheel speed is unchanged, thereby achieving the purpose of steering. It is worth noting that when going downhill, the steering operation of helping road is just the opposite. When turning at high speed, the time of clutch separation must not too long. Otherwise, it is easy to cause a safety accident. Mechanical structure: Walking tractors are generally composed of a frame, a power unit, a power train, a traveling device, a steering system, a brake, and an operating mechanism.

Small walking tractor supporting rotary tiller is compact, durable, flexible, easy to pass, and equipped with seating equipment. The walking tractor has more horsepower and efficiency and is suitable for paddy field dryland and farming in orchards, vegetable gardens, vegetable gardens, and hilly areas. Small walking tractor supporting rotary tiller is mainly used for traction and transportation, and the engine, chassis, and electrical systems.

Walking Tractor Rotary Tiller

Scope OF Small rotary tiller

The small tillage machine is mainly used in vegetable garden orchard greenhouse garden green garden and narrow economic crop field. Its main function is deep tillage and shallow tillage and land preparation and weeding and ditch soil restoration (not suitable for paddy field cultivation). Deep tillage: 25CM; Shallow tillage: 3-6CM; Grouting: 30CM; Working efficiency (each): 3 acres – 4 acres / 8 hours ;Configuration power: 1E44F-2; Power: 1.86KW.

Advantages and benefits of small rotary tiller

1. Supporting power 1E44 F-2, the engine adopts foreign technology, the power is strong and stable. The cylinder wall is chrome-plated, and the crankshaft is strengthened to extend the engine life and achieve the best matching performance.

2. The blades are made of high-quality 65-manganese steel. The transmission part adopts advanced high-frequency quenching technology, which has strong wear resistance. The connecting parts of the transmission part are accurate and compact. And the operation is smooth, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the user.

3. Configure protective equipment such as waist parts to provide effective protection for the comfort and safety of users.

4. Low cost of use and fast cost recovery.

Rotary Tiller

Features of Small Walking Tractor Supporting Rotary Tiller

1. Small size, high power, low fuel consumption, light and flexible, saving time and effort. Old women and women can operate, no safety hazards.

2. The integral cast iron gearbox has good rigidity, no deformation, high precision, and long service life.

3. Multi-functional, rotary tillage, deep tillage, ditching and cultivating the soil, ridges, and gullies. Sowing and fertilizing, cultivating, pumping and fighting drugs.

4. Calibration speed: 3600 r/min.

5. Weight: 290kg.

6. Tillage width: 700-1000 (mm) adjustable.

7. plowing depth: 250-300 (mm) adjustable.

8. Start mode: rope rebound hand pull start.

9. Transmission mode: gear transmission / (six zero axis).

10. Connection method: belt connection.

11. Shift gear: forward I, forward II, reverse, neutral.

12. Tire specifications: 350-6 walking tractors are widely used in mountain areas, hills, plains and greenhouses, orchards. The cultivation of crops such as corn, wheat, soybeans, sweet potatoes, ginger, green onions, taro, potatoes, yellow tobacco, orchards, and ditching and pastoral management has greatly improved the work efficiency. And is a good helper for farmers to get rich. The handle can rotate 360 degrees, and the operation is very flexible.

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