Small Garden Tractor


The small garden tractor produced by Hexie Machinery is a new tractor specially designed for greenhouse cultivation, orchard and garden management. The tractor uses a four-cylinder diesel engine with direct-connected transmission, which is fuel-efficient and durable, with low power loss and saves 10% compared with ordinary tractors. 20% with jaw-type differential lock, single-sided brake system, and standard single and double-speed power output. Small Garden Tractor is equipped with the corresponding equipment for dryland rotary tillage, paddy field rotary tillage, pumping, ditching, spraying, spraying and weeding, and also towing trailers for short-distance transportation. It is a multi-functional machine that cannot be compared with large and medium-sized agricultural machinery. The pastoral management machine features stable and reliable work, long service life and convenient maintenance. It is the ideal garden management machine for entering the peasant family.

Features of small garden tractor

The transmission system adopts high torque reserve clutch, large modulus gear shifting mechanism, high strength cross shaft type four planetary differential, and low noise front transfer case structure;
The steering system uses full hydraulic steering and uses an advanced through-steering steering cylinder front axle for light and reliable steering;
The dual-pump hydraulic system separates the working oil from the steering oil for more stable and reliable performance;
The design uses a new streamlined hood, a fully protected instrument panel, and the tractor is more aesthetically pleasing;
Low fuel consumption, large torque reserve, good power economy, emission to meet the national three standards, optional supercharged engine;
8+4 meshing sleeve shifting gearbox, light and flexible to operate; advanced anti-off gear structure, automatic to prevent off-track;
Wet, disc, self-energizing brake, stable and reliable braking, high efficiency;
The end drive adopts planetary gear reduction structure, compact structure, large transmission ratio, uniform load, and long service life;
Multi-speed power output, good matching with the machine, can meet a variety of operational needs;
The wheelbase is short, and the whole machine is small and flexible, adapting to the operation of orchard and greenhouse.

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Advantage of small garden tractor

Tractor manufacturing to improve greenhouses, special tractors for orchards, to concentrate is the essence. Mechanization 5 links: tillage,
Sowing, plant protection, harvesting, straw treatment, a variety of horsepower tractors, respectively supporting plow-rotary tiller-ditching machine, planter-filming machine, weeding machine–water pump, potato peanut harvesting machine-winding machine, straw Returning machine – smashing machine – silage machine, all the machines are solved. Applicable to a variety of plots, all kinds of crops can be called “planting artifacts.” Very cost-effective.
More powerful power: Matching domestic famous four-cylinder engine with strong power and high reliability;
Optional all-wood, Yuchai, and Lewo power engines to increase the diversity of supporting power to meet the needs of different users;
The emission standard is the domestic demanding country II standards.

The technology of small garden tractor

With a reinforced drive shaft, the operation stability is higher;
Imported German LUK double-acting clutch, the performance is more reliable;
Double cylinder strong pressure riser with height limit, large lifting force, and convenient maintenance;

Small Garden Tractor jobs more efficiently

The gearbox adopts 16+8 shuttle shifting, and it is equipped with 8+4 gears and 16+8 crawling gears. The speed matching is reasonable and the working efficiency is high;
The power output power is large, and the speed is variously selected.

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