Single Row And 2 Rows Corn Harvester adjustment and use


Single Row Corn Harvester Function

Corn Harvester completes a row of corn picking and straw smashing functions at one time. Supporting the collection of the bucket is full, the bag can be removed, the height of the bag can be adjusted, the tension clutch is safe, and the turning radius is small. The machine receives the corn per acre of straw and crushes it directly. The molting is not clean. The height of the ear is more than 60 cm. The higher the straw, the higher the light bar rate.

2 Rows Corn Harvester adjustment and use

1. After the corn harvester is in place, the lock pin is pulled out and the lift cylinder is relieved. In order to ensure the quality and speed of the screening, the machine must be level to the ground;
2. The power input of the harvester is realized by three B-type V-belts and the B-type pulley of the transfer case. The main tooth roller is turned clockwise. Since the steering of the input power is different, the clutch handle is tried before starting. When the reverse direction is found, the transfer case and the clutch system should be installed up and down by 180° to install and adjust the tightness of the belt;
3. Before the power input, first, disengage the clutch handle, and then push the clutch handle to the combined position after the power machine is running normally. At this time, the main engine gradually enters the normal operation. Also, the clutch is not allowed to work in a semi-clutch state to prevent damage to the separation device;
4. Due to the different dry humidity of the rice, in order to ensure the working efficiency of the corn harvester, the wind speed and air volume of the fan should be adjusted;
5. In order to reduce the wear and safe operation of the transmission angle belt, the gear clutch can be pulled to the disengaged position when the grass is disturbed, and the main conveyor belt is stopped.

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