Silage Baler Packing Machine Production efficiency 60-120 seconds/bundle


Automatic hay round baler grass straw silage baler and packing machine can be used in small areas. If the power supply is not convenient, it can be equipped with a diesel engine. It is necessary to smash or smash the corn stalks or other over-high straws. Can be bundled with green straw, pasture, dried corn straw, straw, wheat straw, all kinds of straw. Or other floating materials, etc., and bundled, but automatically bagged and packaged. 30 kg of dry straw and about 65 kg of green storage. Production efficiency: 60-120 seconds/bundle.

Packer features of Silage Baler Packing Machine

The baling efficiency is high and the density is high. Suitable for extrusion and baling of corn stover, wheat straw, straw, and pasture, which can greatly reduce storage area, improve transportation capacity, and reduce the possibility of fire. It is indispensable and preferred equipment for animal husbandry and paper industry. Now Aike automatic hay straw grass silage baler and packaging machine in stock, welcome to consult full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine price.

Structure description of Silage Rice Straw Round Bundling Machine

China Semi-automatic Silage Rice Straw Round Bundling Machine is mainly composed of four parts: frame assembly cylinder assembly gear pump manual reversing valve.
1. Rack assembly: The frame is completely made of steel welded structure, with strong pressure and tensile strength, and push bag bagging.
2. Cylinder assembly: consists of the cylinder block push rod piston seal ring under the plate.
3. Gear pump: GB type standard gear pump (outsourced) parts are common.
4. The dispenser is also called a manual reversing valve to control the direction of the hydraulic oil.

Working principle of grass straw silage baler and packing machine

Automatic hay round baler grass straw silage baler and packing machine. The gear pump is driven by the electric motor to drive two intermeshing gears in the pump body. The internal volume of the oil suction chamber is continuously increased to form part of the vacuum, which generates oil absorption. The hydraulic oil enters the pump through the oil suction chamber under the action of atmospheric pressure. As the gear rotates, the hydraulic oil gradually enters the sealed oil pressure chamber, so that the pressure oil chamber is continuously reduced, and the oil pressure is formed, and the hydraulic oil is pressed out. Outside the pump, the hydraulic oil that is pressed out enters the reversing valve through the pipeline, and the control rod is operated to make the hydraulic oil flow directionally. The hydraulic oil enters the cylinder through the pipeline along the distribution direction, and the continuous flow of the hydraulic oil causes the piston in the cylinder to bear tremendous pressure. , push the putter for linear motion.
When the hopper is working, the operating lever is in the up and down position, and the pressure oil flowing out of the oil pump enters the upper chamber of the cylinder through the reversing valve, and under the action of the pressure, the hopper is pushed up, and the raw material is sent into the pressing chamber. After the longitudinal pressure and the side Cylinder extrusion molding, pushing the cylinder push bag to bag the bag once, and returning to the cylinder to work again.
There are many raw materials for silage, and all green plants that can be used as feed can be used as silage materials.

Silage baler packing machine model introduction

Full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine manufacturers Aike A new generation of silage balers and packaging machines, SJ-5552Hay straw grass silage baler replaces the feed with 6 aluminum alloy casting rolls, for silage materials The length requirement is low, the compaction density is large, the weight of one bundle can be increased from the original 65 kg to about 75 kg, the feeding is smoother, and the baling speed is fast, which changes the disadvantage of the original silage baling machine.

China semi-automatic silage rice straw round bundling machine changed from the traditional pedal clutch switch to the electronically controlled button operation switch, and the number of coating layers can be set by the electronic control device coating counter, and the package is set in 2 layers for 24 seconds. The 4th floor is set for 48 seconds, which has the advantages of convenient operation, accurate counting and so on. The traditional silage baler packing machine is driven by a motor to drive the pulley. The shaft and chain drive transmits power to the reducer to power the machine. The shaft and chain are wearing parts and have a power loss. The improved laminator motor and deceleration Directly connected to the machine, no shaft and chain transmission power is required, no wearing parts and no power loss. The traditional silage coating machine has a matching power of 1.1kw, and the modified silage coating machine can match the 0.75kw motor to meet the envelope. The power demand of the machine. In short, the modified silage coating machine has the advantages of safe and convenient operation, accurate counting, easy change of the number of coating layers, weak and unstable operation of the inorganic device.

Operation control: Full-automatic digital automatic control. After setting the number of wraps, the operator only needs to press the start button, and the machine is fully automatic. After the wrap is completed, the machine automatically stops in the original position. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop switch and the machine will stop immediately. The layer digital auto-controller can be restored to its original position or continue to operate in place. The control box and the button are protected against dust and water.

The tips of Use silage baler packaging machine

The machines used in general agriculture need to be in an environment or premise. As the saying goes, you can’t be unsure. Aike Machinery reminds you to use the silage baler packaging machine when you work.
1. The machine can only be used after the operator has passed strict training.
2. This machine only uses three medium and thick jute ropes.
3. This machine is not allowed when the ambient temperature is less than 0 °C above 2 °C.
4. This machine is not allowed when the moisture of straw and forage is more than 65%.
5. The operator is not allowed to bundle while pouring water on the machine and other bacteria.
6. There are no 2 boring cars per hour.
7. Automatic hay straw grass silage baler and packaging machine in stock.

Aike Machinery is the professional full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine manufacturers, welcome to consult full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine price.

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