Self-propelled fight drugs


Introduce for Self-propelled fight drugs

Today we will introduce the self-propelled fight drugs machine. The self-propelled fight drugs machine is a kind of plant protection machinery that can provide driving power and driving power, and can complete its own work without other power supply. The spray width is wide, the capacity is large, the work efficiency is high, and the performance is better: the forged aluminum anti-corrosion treatment spray bar with good atomization, anti-drift, and segmentation design. Automatic telescopic, easy to operate, unique three-cylinder diverter valve design, controllability, compact structure, beautiful appearance, excellent practicality.

Self propelled fight drugs

 Features of  Self-propelled fight drugs

1. Self-propelled fight drugs machine has a large capacity, long spraying time and high working efficiency.
2. The liquid pump of the self-propelled fight drugs machine uses a multi-cylinder diaphragm pump with large displacement and reliable operation.
3. The self-propelled spraying machine spray bar adopts a single-point hanging balance mechanism, and the balance effect is good.
4. The self-propelled spraying machine spray bar adopts a trolley rotary disc folding mechanism. The lifting, unfolding and folding of the spray bar can be controlled by operating the hydraulic cylinder in the cab, which is convenient and labor-saving.
5. The self-propelled spraying machine can directly use the spray liquid pump on the machine to add water to the liquid tank, and the water adding pipeline and the sprayer are connected by a quick joint, which is convenient and quick to assemble and disassemble.
6. The self-propelled sprayer spray line system has multi-stage filtration to ensure that the nozzle is not blocked during operation.
7. The liquid medicine in the self-propelled sprayer’s liquid tank is stirred by the backwater jet to ensure that the concentration of the liquid in the spray operation is uniform and consistent.

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