Self-propelled Factory Wholesale Multi-function Crop Harvester Reaper Binder Productivity 0.1-0.2ha/h


Self-propelled factory wholesale multi-function crop harvester reaper binder, eight domestic leading patent products, state-subsidized agricultural machinery products, this model summarizes the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, bold innovation, multi-sulfonyl patent technology, a large number of land A successful corn seed harvesting machine was developed.
It can complete the separation, transportation, threshing, clearing, grain collection and other operations of corn at one time, and is suitable for corn harvesting in various corn producing areas across the country.

Low-cost walking tractor mounted multi-function reaper directly receives grain, eliminating the production of harvesting, handling, storage, etc., saving time and effort, making money and effort. Now walking tractor mounted multi-function reaper for sale, welcome everyone to consult.

The advantages of Mounted Multi-function Reaper

China walking tractor mounted multi-function reaper Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, strong passability, wide adaptability, and high reliability, with the following advantages.
First, it is possible to complete the production process of corn crops such as picking, peeling, conveying, packing, straw returning, etc. in one time, and the work efficiency is high;
Second, it can realize self-opening, and has good adaptability to different rows and different varieties of corn. It adopts a new type of structure, advanced picking mechanism, quick and labor-saving, less damage to the ear and less grain loss.
Third, it is a spiral chopping device consisting of a moving knife and a fixed knife for the straw returning machine, which has the advantages of short straw cutting and low crop stubble. And self-propelled factory wholesale multi-function crop harvester reaper binder productivity 0.1-0.2ha/h.

specific improvement measures of Reaper Binder

1. For the existing low-cost walking tractor mounted multi-function reaper, the problem of excessive load on the front wheel of the tractor eliminates the traditional complicated dialing consisting of the sprocket, chain, sprocket, gear and bevel gear. Wo mechanism, using a special screw conveyor mechanism to simplify the structure. The main power of the picking roller group is input by the transmission chain, and the rotating parts of the active picking roller, the passive picking roller, and the spiral plucking mechanism are connected by only one pair of gears, which not only greatly reduces the quality of the machine, but also The torque acting on the front wheel of the tractor is greatly reduced. At the same time, the corn picking table is hinged on the tractor bracket, and the hydraulic pump is used to connect the main stem of the corn picking table with the tractor bracket, and the corn picking table is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder to rotate around the suspension shaft, so that the picking table is in operation. Free to lift. This connection method can adjust the ground clearance of the picking table as needed, improve the line spacing adaptability of the machine and the harvesting ability of the inclined lodging corn, reduce the material and weight of the suspension joint part, and effectively improve the corn joint harvesting. Machine operating performance.

2. Self-propelled factory wholesale multi-function crop harvester reaper binder The harvested corn ear is transported to the conveyor in the peeling machine. The conveyor is separated from the picking table during installation and is directly fixed to the side of the tractor bracket by the tractor frame. By providing power, this not only eliminates the additional load that the conveyor adds to the picking station, but also simplifies the conveying mechanism and the transmission mechanism, and enables the picking table to be adjusted freely.

3. The straw returning part adopts a spiral chopping device composed of a moving knife and a fixed knife, which is used for cutting the straw instead of smashing, which satisfies the requirement of returning the corn straw to the field and greatly saves the power. This two-row corn harvester is capable of driving with 16.17 kW (22 hp) tractors, greatly reducing harvest costs. Because this kind of low-power tractor is popular in rural areas in China and has a large amount of possession, it is beneficial to the promotion of the hanging corn harvester.

4. The newly designed high-quality multi-function mini rice-wheat crop grain reaper binder is matched with the spiral chopping device by the picking roller, which has high line spacing adaptability and can complete corn picking and ear cutting once in its working range. Strip the leaves and collect the seeds for the ears. The whole process of straw returning to the field solved a big problem of corn harvesting operation – wide and narrow row spacing planting problem.

The notes of selection Rice Wheat Crop Grain Reaper Binder

First, first, consider the applicability of the region. Due to the different planting time of corn in different places, the harvest time is also different, there are flat sowing, ridge planting, ditching and nesting, and some kinds of forms. So when choosing a model, consider the applicable type in your area.

Second, we must consider the issue of investment income. The current corn harvesters are mainly divided into China walking tractor mounted multi-function reaper, traction type, and piggyback type. The self-propelled model is huge, the price is relatively expensive, and the investment recovery period is long; the traction type is longer and does not adapt to small plots. The piggyback can use the existing tractors, the investment is relatively small, the benefits are good, and the maneuverability and operability of the operation are good, so the existing users generally use the piggyback type.

Third, we must consider the matching of power. At present, the haul of the corn harvester is more than 50 horsepower. When the farmer chooses the high-quality multi-function mini rice-wheat crop reaper binder, it must match the model of the existing tractor power. The phenomenon of big cars and big horses.

Fourth, we must consider the straw treatment. The treatment of corn stalks is mainly smashed in the field, the whole stalk is buried, the whole stalk is recovered and crushed and recovered as silage or green manure. The existing corn combine harvesters are equipped with a straw crushing and returning machine. With the continuous development of animal husbandry, the demand for corn stover as a feed is also increasing. Therefore, we must correctly apply the straw, it can not only be used as organic fertilizer, green fertilizer, it can also be brewed, fermented into gas and so on.

Now Aike Machinery walking tractor mounted multi-function reaper for sale, welcome everyone to consult.

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