Safety technology of multi-crop paddy wheat rice thresher 125


China diesel motor multi-crop paddy wheat rice thresher 125 is a machine dedicated to rice grain threshing. Because of its high production efficiency, good threshing quality, simple operation, simple structure. Sturdy and durable, reliable work and convenient use and maintenance, it has been popular among farmers for many years. It can thresh rice paddy rice 4,500 kg per hour, the removal rate is 99.5%, and the breaking rate is not more than 2%. Next, introduce the basic structure and working process of this thresher.

The basic construction of rice and wheat thresher

Newly designed model 125 large rice and wheat thresher is mainly composed of frame, feed hopper, threshing device, fan, vibrating screen, etc.

The frame consists of left and right frames and base iron. Left and right machine probes are fixed on the tomb to support the entire fuselage.

The feeding bucket is made of a thin iron plate together with the outer casing. And the inlet is connected to the concave plate.

The threshing device is mainly composed of a drum, a concave plate, and a spiral plate. The nails on the threshing drum are short square and arranged in a single spiral. The whole drum is cast in cast iron, which is simple to manufacture and saves steel. The concave plate is made of the iron plate with a round hole on the top and a spiral guide plate on the top cover.

The wind selection part is composed of a fan, a discharge port, and the like. The power of the fan comes from the pulley on the drum shaft.

The screening part is mainly composed of a sieve and an eccentric roller vibrator. The sieve reciprocates by the belt action of the eccentric roller vibrator.

Rice and Wheat Thresher Work Process

High-efficiency paddy wheat rice thresher machine 125 during the operation, the rice and wheatears are poured into the feeding bucket. And the rice and wheat are grasped by the nails and moved in the axial direction, between the impact of the roller nails and between the rice and the wheat. Under the action of cockroaches between rice and wheat and the concave plate, the grain is detached. The removed rice and wheat are leaked from the concave hole and sent out of the machine through the hopper.

The rice and wheat kernels are pushed to the vibrating screen by a spirally arranged spiked roller and a spiral plate. Some of the rice and wheat grains entrained in the rice and wheat kernels are leaked from the sieve hole under the reciprocating vibration of the vibrating screen. To the hopper, rice and wheat slide out of the machine through the rice and wheat core outlets. When rice and wheat grains, suede and debris, which are leaked from the concave plate holes and the vibrating mesh holes. Flow out through the flow hopper, the fan blows the suede and the waste from the mouth of the blow.

Safety technology of rice and wheat thresher

1. This machine should check all parts before use. If there is no lubrication, the belt is not tensioned, the screws are loose, etc.. It is not allowed to start. If you find an abnormal sound, stop the car immediately.
2. After the machine is running, foreign objects such as hands, utensils, stones. And ice must never enter the conveyor belt holder and the toothed roller. The grass with the grass roll out of the grass should be removed in time to prevent the grass from being blocked.
3. It is not allowed to insert the lock pin when walking, to prevent the machine from falling and being damaged during walking.

Frequency conversion of rice and wheat thresher

1. The frequency conversion is achieved by the small pulley mounted on the lower tooth roller shaft passing through the V-belt and driving the large pulley to complete the deceleration. Power is transmitted to the screen through the connecting rod tripod.
2. When tightening the belt, first loosen the bolt and then loosen the stud. Then press the large belt pulley with the lever to tighten the belt. After tightening the bolt, tighten the bolt first, first check the relative position of the large sieve and the frame. position.

Top-quality model 125 large rice and wheat thresher’s power input is achieved by three B-type V-belts and a B-belt pulley of the transfer case. The main toothed roller is turned clockwise. Due to the different steering of the input power, before starting to Try to adjust the clutch handle. When the reverse direction is found, install the transfer case and clutch system 180° up and down. And adjust the tightness of the belt (when using the motor, you can adjust the wiring to determine the correct steering).

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