Safe use and adjustment of corn harvesters


A corn harvester is a mechanical device used when the corn is ripe. In the corn harvester, it is very versatile and can be used for picking, stacking and returning stems in one go. At the same time, in the process of using corn harvester, it is more efficient and is a good helper for farmers. Knapsack corn automatic corn harvester combine maize harvester, produced by Aike Machinery, has good performance and is more popular and used by users in agricultural production.

Safe use and adjustment of corn harvesters

Before we start working farm use machinery factory price tractor mounted combine corn harvester, we should know in advance the size of the plot, the shape, and whether there is any debris in the field such as poles, ditches, etc.. That affect the harvesting, to ensure the harvesting route. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the variety of crops, line spacing, height, and lodging, etc., so as to affect the speed of the harvester.

The speed of the machine should be determined according to the height of the crop, the yield of the crop, and the density of the crop. The speed of the machine should be determined. Under normal circumstances, it should be faster, if it is faster, it is not easy to throw the ear, and the efficiency is also high. some.

In the field operation, start the tractor, you need to adjust the height of the header according to the height of the corn. When returning the machine or the recycling machine, slowly put down the returning machine or recycling machine. Pay attention to the moving knife not to touch the soil, the throttle is small to large, gradually reach the rated speed. Slowly drive into the work area at low speed and start harvesting. When passing through the field or the ground, the returning machine or recycling machine and header should raise and sharp should avoid turns.

When driving the corn harvester, you need to follow some safety rules to avoid unnecessary damage. At the same time, you should not allow the non-driver to drive the harvester. When the harvester is running or at the start, you should signal in advance. Fire extinguishers are arranged. During the operation of the machine, the parts of each work cannot be removed. If maintenance is required, it must be carried out after parking. When adjusting the components below the corn harvester, the header should be padded and the power cut. After stopping work, the shift lever should be placed in the neutral position and the working clutch should cut off to avoid a major hazard.

Use and characteristics of corn harvester header

Corn harvester headers are an important part of corn machinery. In the corn harvester header, it allows the operator to easily harvest the corn. At the same time, corn harvester headers are used in a wide range of applications, both for large-scale corn operations and for small-scale operations. Corn harvester headers are more efficient to use and have lower investment costs, so they are more widely used.
After the corn harvester header has been used for a while, it will easily become dry. So in order to make the corn harvester headers last longer, it is necessary to regularly lubricate the corn harvester header. Oil, which makes the life of the corn harvester header longer. Moreover, it is even more difficult to lose parts and components. At the same time, the corn harvester header needs to inspect and maintain regularly. And the screws of each component are firmly connected.

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