safe operation tips of corn sheller and thresher machine


Maize/corn sheller and thresher machine is a comprehensive device designed with corn peeler and corn thresher. It does not need to be replaced when it is used. It is easy to operate, safe and fast. At the same time, the equipment shares a motor for transportation.
In order to ensure the production effect, the corn sheller and the thresher are used independently during the production process and cannot operate at the same time. The device is higher in price and actual performance than the single machine, and convenient and fast. Maize/corn sheller and thresher machine are the more common agricultural equipment, but every year there is damage to personal safety caused by improper operation. Therefore, the safety production operation of the thresher is very important.

Safe operation tips of corn sheller and thresher machine

1. Run the empty machine before production, check whether the corn thresher is working normally, and ensure the production after normal;
2. Corn threshing machine production try to avoid direct feeding by hand, or put your hand into the corn thresher inside;
3. To avoid metal or other debris into the shelling machine and thresher, causing safety hazards to the sheller and thresher and operator production;
4. After the production is completed, the power is cut off first, and the corn thresher is cleaned and inspected to ensure that the corn thresher contains other sundries;
5. Timely replacement of the internal wearing parts of maize/corn sheller and thresher machine in a timely manner.

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