Safe operation skills of multi-functional grain thresher/sheller


Multi-functional corn, sorghum, soybean, grain thresher/sheller can peel and thresher. And the investment cost is small, enabling small-scale production and processing. Such as rural areas, farm corn/sorghum, and areas with a small soybean planting area. It can be produced by two-phase electricity, which can get rid of the limitation of electricity consumption. And can also be converted into diesel engine production to meet the general production demand in rural areas. A multi-functional grain thresher/sheller discharge port is equipped with a powerful blower and vibrating screen. It is further filtered and filtered to remove the impurities and make the sweet corn kernels clean and beautiful! Suitable for all kinds of fresh, sweet, waxy corn, frozen corn and threshed after thawing.

Thresher/Sheller the reason belt to fall off and troubleshooting

Multi-functional grain thresher/sheller separates corn kernels and stems, and the threshing depth is adjustable. Suitable for food processing plants in conjunction with rapid freezing and canned corn producers. The belt drop is one of the common faults of the corn thresher. The causes and troubleshooting of the fault are as follows.
the reason:
1. The belt is slick or slippery.
2. The power machine is not fixed, the transmission center is not correct.
3. The feed is too heavy.

The corresponding exclusion method:
1. Adjust the belt tension, hit the belt wax.
2. Re-adjust the belt drive center and fix it.
3. Uniform and moderate feeding when feeding.

Safe operation skills of multi-functional grain thresher/sheller

1. Before work, check whether there are loose parts in the joints of the parts. Whether there are any leftover tools or hard objects in the machine body. Turn the roller pulley to check whether there are any scratches on the rotating parts. After confirming that the technical parts of the machine are in good condition, you can work.

2. The machine should have a safety cover, no safety cover should be applied to the wooden fence and other columns, the operator should not be close to the rotating parts.

3. The feeding table should be stable. Except for the feeder, other personnel should not feed. Feeders should wear masks and glasses and tie the cuffs, cuffs, and placket.

4. There should be a unified command in the work and work according to the unified signal. The power machine is started by the pilot.

5. Always pay attention to the operation of China hot sale multifunctional grain thresher/sheller, the abnormal sound should be immediately stopped to check. When repairing the inside of the machine and cleaning the site, it should stop (motor to cut off the power, the diesel engine to remove the belt).

6. Do not arbitrarily remove the inlet baffle, the shield at the screen, the adjustment plate and the safety cover.

7. Fireworks are prohibited at the worksite, and no Hui or oil materials are allowed. When using a tractor or diesel engine, pay attention to sparks and remove carbon deposits. Grains are stacked at the upwind.

8. When transporting long-distance, the body should be fed into the bucket, sieve, pulley and other parts with straw rope to prevent impact. When moving the machine, use the handling holes of the left and right frames, and do not force the screen to avoid deformation. Short-distance transportation can use animal power carts or sleds, and the thresher should be fixed firmly when loading.

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