Rice and Wheat Rice Milling Machine with high efficiency and low energy


Aike Machinery produces the motor drives rice and wheat rice milling machine. Combines the advantages of the suction machine and throwing machine. The clean rice is separated by a glutinous rice husk. Separated by a spray, milled rice, and a fresh, clean and fresh rice. According to the user’s needs, the clean rice glutinous rice husks can be directly whitened and processed into clean rice. Only the glutinous rice is separated and the rice is processed, and the whole high-nutrition organic brown rice is processed.

Rice and wheat electric motor mounted rice milling machine has a high rate of rice. The whole grain is more than rice, and the breakage rate is lower than that of the hybrid rice. Can reach the rice processing rate of large processing plants. It is about 10% higher than the average household rice machine. The clean and full Shibuya machine is equipped with a large suction fan. Which can blow off the rice husk in the brown rice after the grain, and the brown rice is clean. The white rice after the whitening is separated by the small fan, it is clean and full.

Rice and wheat rice milling machine compact equipment, easy installation and maintenance. And sufficient accessories are the new products that are popular in the market, energy-consuming, and perfect in technology.

Use tips of Rice and Wheat Rice Milling Machine

1. Before entering the falling hopper, the brown rice should be checked for metal objects and stones to avoid damage to the grinding wheel.

2. After the whitening is finished, the front rotating block should be pulled out. And the rice sugar in the residual whitening room should be cleaned up so as not to affect the accuracy of the sample.

3. The accuracy of whitening needs to determine the number of samples and whitening time from the varieties of brown rice. The number of low-precision samples is 17-18g, the whitening time is slightly shorter; the number of high-precision samples is 20g.

4. When rice and wheat electric motor mounted rice milling machine is used for a long time and overgrown with high moisture brown rice. When the rice bran bonding wheel affects the whiteness, the sand roller can be removed by a wrench. And the powder is brushed with a wire brush. Reload as is and continue to use.

Aike Machinery, a professional China electric rice milling equipment paddy milling machine supplier. The equipment we produce is high efficiency and low energy. Welcome everyone to come and buy.

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