Requirements for the safe operation of rice milling equipment


Rice is one of our often eaten foods and has a high nutritional value. In order to better preserve the nutritional value, we usually use the electric rice milling equipment paddy milling machine for processing. The processed rice tastes richer, the nutrition is not lost, and the particles are intact. Today, China electric rice milling equipment paddy milling machine supplier will tell you how to identify new and old rice?

Method of identifying new and old rice

1. Through the pulse
New rice has some whiskers. It is connected with the granules. When the new rice is pulled out, it must pull hard to prove the firmness of the new rice. The old rice is dried and stored for a year, and its veins have completely dried out.
2. Through the color
The color of the new rice is lighter and cleaner, while the old rice is dark and yellowish, and there is a thin layer of green.
Electric rice milling equipment also has high requirements for the cleaning of miscellaneous grains during processing. In order to achieve the above cleaning effect, it is necessary to achieve excellence in all aspects, because the effect of cleaning directly affects the quality of the processing equipment and the sales of finished products.

Requirements for the safe operation of rice milling equipment

1. During the operation of the rice processing equipment, the operator must not only strictly abide by the mechanical use specifications but also pay attention to the inspection in advance. Find abnormalities and solve them in time. For example, there is a lot of noise. In this case, it is necessary to check the fault in time to see if the bearing is short of oil and whether the transmission part is tightly connected. Then make effective adjustments or replacements for the cause.

2. During the normal operation of the rice processing equipment. The operator can adjust the fineness of the product at any time according to the actual needs, ensure uniformity of fineness. And do not need to increase the screening machine for screening, the process is more concise and more efficient. In the case that the equipment does not stop, it can still clear the material at any time. Which is good for preventing clogging, ensuring uniform mixing, and no powder residue at one time. Which can ensure the uniformity of various components. Moreover, the feed particle size is not limited. And it can directly feed into the machine without coarse crushing and can adapt to various materials with different water contents.

3. Pay attention to the replacement of wearing parts of rice processing equipment. The wearing parts are made of special wear-resistant materials or hard alloys, which have better wear resistance and meet the hygiene standards of the products.

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