Replacement and adjustment of corn/soybean precision planter


Uses and Features of Corn/Soybean Precision Planter

1. The machine has small resistance, flexible rotation, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and durability.

2. The casing, scoop wheel and lead-in wheel of the equipment are made of die-cast aluminum. The strength is high and the weight is light. The end cover is made of transparent high-strength material. The user can clearly see the working condition of the scoop wheel through the transparent cover.

3. When the soybeans are sowed at the factory, the user can purchase the corresponding accessories according to their own needs. And then they can plant corn, sorghum, and other crops.

4. The device has no clearing device, and it is self-cleaned by the self-weight of the seed. The seeding rate after seed coating is also very low, with fewer holes, uniform seeding, and low seeding point.

5. Corn/soybean precision planter six- to eight-speed scoop wheel metering unit with the gearbox.

6. A micro-adjustment device is added on the outside of the seed meter to reduce the leakage rate. The re-broadcast rate and the single seed rate of the seed meter.

7. Tractor mounted maize/soybean planter with a variable-speed scoop wheel seeder, six different plant spacings can call up. For example, changing the sprocket with a different number of teeth can call up the distance between the six plants different from the original plant spacing. For example, the first gear is positioned in 5 villages, then the 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 pitches are 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches, and 1 foot. At the same time, there is a neutral position on the gearbox, and the user does not need to install a clutch device on the seeding machine. Which reduces the cost and is convenient to use.

8. It can use together with the new seeding machine, or it can use as a replacement for the old seeding machine.

9. The equipment has 18 scoops of sorghum mung bean scoop wheel and hole seeding guide wheel, users can choose to purchase as needed.

Replacement and Adjustment OF Corn/Soybean Precision Seeder

1. Disassembly method of the seeder spoon wheel:
(1) The remaining seeds in the empty box; (2) the transparent end cover under the firewood; (3) remove the three countersunk screws that fix the scoop wheel; (4) the lower scoop wheel.

2. The installation method of the scoop wheel:
(1) The scoop wheel is mounted on the seed wheel with 3 countersunk screws so that the partition plate is sandwiched between the scoop wheel and the seed wheel. 2. Install the transparent end cap.

3. The installation method of the brush:
(1) The brush is mounted on the inside of the transparent cover, and the groove on the brush is used to match the boss on the end cover.
(2) Screw on the outside of the transparent cover

4. Corn/soybean precision seeder handball adjustment:
Pull the handball up and down to adjust the height of the seeding on the partition. The specific operation is as follows:
(1) When the seed is small, adjust the handball to the end cap with the word “small”. When the seed is large, adjust the handball to the end cap with the word “large”.
(2) When the seed is broadcast for a long time, adjust the handball to the end cap with the word “small”. When the seed is empty, adjust the handball to the end cap with the word “large”.

5. Adjustment of plant spacing:
The scoop wheel type seeder with gearbox can transfer six kinds of plant spacing by moving the shift lever. And the plant spacing from 1st to 6th is gradually increased. And the seed metering device does not work when it is hung to the neutral position and is in the clutch state.

6. Refueling method for the seed meter with gearbox:
(1). Remove the dust cover marked with digital lettering on the gearbox cover.
(2). Add the right amount of butter or oil to the gears and shafts in the gearbox.
(3). Install the dust cover.

Precautions for Use Corn/Soybean Precision Seeder

1. During the course of use, the handball should adjust according to the shape and size of the seed to reduce or increase the position of the seeding opening on the partition to meet the seeding requirements.

2. Corn seeds should screen to screen out large and small grains and seeds in the seeds to ensure seeding quality.

3. The seed metering machine has a medium spoon wheel in the factory fashion, which can only meet the normal corn seed. The large and very small seed users should go to the dealer or the seed meter manufacturer to buy the corresponding large or small spoon. Otherwise, it will seriously affect seeding quality,

4. The coated seeds must dry and mix with one percent of the medical talcum powder before sowing to reduce adhesions. Such as excessive talc mixing, using a sieve to screen out excess talc.

5. After one shift, check whether the rotating part of the seed meter is flexible. Whether the fixing screw is loose, and clean the scoop wheel. Partition and the coating agent glued in the tank with water or diesel, with gearbox the seeds meter should remove the dust cover marked with digital characters on the gearbox cover to clear the dust in the gearbox. If it is not cleaned in time, the bearing will stick and affect the seeding effect.

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