Reciprocating Mower


Introduction for the reciprocating mower

The 9GB-1.4/1.6/1.8/2.1 semi-suspended reciprocating mower is used in 12-22 horsepower four-wheel tractor. It uses an offset crank-link mechanism to drive the cutter for work. It is suitable for flat farming/pastoral areas. Grassland and mountain and hilly grassland used for harvesting natural and planting pasture, alfalfa, reed, and green storage. The tractor power output shaft drives the cutter, the three-point suspension controls the lifting and lowering of the implement, and the tractor power output mechanism is operated to realize the movement or stop of the knife. The lifting mechanism divided into two types: the oil cylinder and the lifting frame structure.

Reciprocating Mower

Reciprocating mower Structure

The machine divides into two types: side power output and rear power output, which are used together with four-wheel tractor side power output and rear power output. The maneuverability is good. When there is an obstacle, the cutter can be lifted by the hydraulic device of the tractor. The machine has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, powerful cutting of the cutting blade, low cutting and neatness, and reliable use.

Reciprocating Mower 2

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