Reap the advantages of knapsack corn automatic corn harvester


Knapsack corn automatic corn harvester can use with 20-horsepower or larger horizontal bar tractors. This equipment is a self-propelled corn harvester. Its structure consists of a driving device, a harvesting device, and a harvesting transmission wheel. The harvesting device is arranged at the front end of the driving device, and a harvesting transmission wheel is arranged between the harvesting device and the driving device.

Compared with the prior art, the backpack automatic corn harvester is provided with a reversing gearbox. And the front end is set as a large wheel, which makes the harvester more flexible when changing directions, which greatly reduces the working radius of the harvest and improves the harvest effectiveness. The device also has the characteristics of reasonable design, simple structure, and convenient use, so it has a good value for promotion and use. Complete one row of corn ear picking and straw crushing function at a time. The supporting bucket is full and can use to remove the irrigation bag. The height of the stubble can be adjusted. The tensioning clutch works safely. This machine receives one acre of corn directly every hour, and the skin is not clean.

Advantages of knapsack corn automatic corn harvester

1. China knapsack corn automatic corn harvester has strong adaptability. It can use not only in plain areas but also widely used in hills and mountains.

2. The equipment has complete functions, which can not only harvest corn but also crush the straw at the same time and return it to the field. Save users a lot of time and labor costs.

3. The supporting tractors use power and the whole machine is delivered.

4. Easy to install and dismantle, truly multi-purpose for one car.

5. The flexible operation can adjust the cutting height, the turning radius is small.

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