Proper Method of Operation of Tractor Mounted Rice/Wheat Seeder


Correct Method of Operation of Rice/Wheat Seeder

Rice/wheat seeder is a machine used for rice/wheat sowing. How to operate correctly and safely when planting, what problems should pay attention to when planting seeds. Which can ensure correct seeding and avoid failure.
1. Before plant the wheat and rice planter, it is necessary to check whether there are any defects in the seeding parts. Whether there are any foreign objects in the seedbox, and oiling the oiling parts according to the situation.

2. The wheat/rice should inspect for mechanical parts that are easily damaged before sowing to avoid delays in planting and delay in farming. Seeds must clean and dry, do not contain straw and stones and other debris. To avoid blocking the seeding mouth, affecting the quality of sowing. Should carefully select seeds during precision sowing, otherwise, will affect the quality of the seeding.

3. Do all the preparations before planting. Picking, turning, and working on the seed. 3 Point hitch wheat/rice/grass seed planting machine try to avoid parking during the operation. In order to avoid the occurrence of broken bars during parking, the planter should raise, retracted for a distance, and then planted.

4. Pay attention to safety during operation and avoid safety accidents. Pay attention to the maintenance of the machine and the removal of debris when the machine is parked and stabilized.

Agricultural use tractor-mounted rice/wheat seeder the day before the work, pay attention to the disassembly and cleaning of each component and lubricate the bearing components during the cleaning process to ensure the normal operation of the bearing. Pay attention to the disassembly and cleaning of each component one day before the work of the equipment. And the bearing parts are lubricated during the cleaning process to ensure the normal operation of the bearings. The planter should pay attention to the grease wheel and the walking wheel with butter every 200 hours. When adding the butter, be careful to squeeze the new butter.

Proper planter operation will not only prolong the service life but also ensure safe use.

6-18 rows wheat/rice/grass seed sowing equipment is a type of planter with a large number of seeding rows in our planter. Its positive germination rate can reach 90%. The device controls the line spacing to customize for more than 12 cm, and the plant spacing is adjusted between 8 cm and 14 cm. High-quality tractor-mounted rice/wheat seeder the depth of sowing can adjust. The matching horsepower is a 90-horsepower tractor. The horsepower is also much larger. It also increases the speed of seeding and can reach 2 acres per hour. Between 3 acres. The sowing efficiency is high, and it can top 60 individual workers, planting 2-3 mu per hour, with a high positive bud rate and emergence.

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