Professional Garlic Harvester Machine


Professional Garlic Harvest Machine has been practiced many times and the effect is very good. It has been highly recognized by the garlic farmers and the key promotion machine in the garlic area.

Garlic Harvest Machine is made of high-strength manganese plate with good hardness, anti-vibration, and no breakage. The high-strength forged manganese steel knife sieve is 45-gauge straight steel. The cylinder is a double return high-pressure engineering cylinder. Two-speed cast steel gearbox. Nano-original plastic controlled deep wheel, wear-resistant and crack-free. The whole machine is sprayed at high temperature, beautiful and generous!

Garlic Harvest Machine Standard sizes

The length of the machine: 1.7 meters wide, 1.35 meters high, 0.9 meters
Weight: a 200KGSingle collection of garlic 6 ridges, under normal circumstances, harvest 2-3 acres of garlic per hour
Adapt to single-cylinder 170-404 tractors with a wheelbase of no more than 130CM. A 2800 B-type V-belt is generally used.
Garlic Harvest Machine the wire on both sides of the sieve can adjust the height behind the sieve, and it can be 5-8CM from the ground. The gearbox has a low speed to the left and high speed to the right. The tractor uses a 150CM working wheel as well. The speed of the vehicle is slower or slower. The oil volume should not be too large. The anterior knife is deep to the root of the garlic, usually 10CM.

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