Processing tips after use of Multifunctional grain thresher/Sheller


Transmission requirements of Multi-functional grain thresher/Sheller

Multi-functional grain thresher/sheller is a commonly used thresher device. When using this equipment, we can select the transmission method between the motor and the main shaft by V belt and pulley according to the transmission demand of the thresher. Select the V-belt and the pulley to determine the type, length. And the number of V-belts from the transmission parameters of the V-belt. And then determine the data, layout, and dimensions of the guide wheels. The distances between the transmissions, and the pressure exerted by the pulley on the shaft.

Due to multi-functional corn, sorghum, soybean, grain thresher/sheller, the V-belt of the transmission is a flexible part during the operation. It is elastic and can cushion to reduce the vibration, thus making the thresher work smooth and noisy small.
Although there are some conflicts between the V-belt and the pulley during the transmission process. The relative sliding of the two causes the transmission ratio to be inaccurate but does not affect the transmission of the thresher.

Since the threshing machine does not require an accurate transmission ratio. Only the gear ratio is more accurate than the accuracy requirement. And the elastic sliding of the V-belt is overload maintenance for some important parts of the thresher. Which will not cause serious damage to the body parts. And the V-belt and the layout of the belt are simple and formed. Simple repair, and protection, easy to install, so it is very reasonable to choose the V-belt and pulley drive cooperation between the motor and the thresher.

Advantages of Multi-functional grain thresher/Sheller

1. High work efficiency, 3-5 mu/hour per hour;
2. a multi-purpose machine, both grain threshing, and shelling work. And the equipment is light and flexible, easy to use;
3. It can not only harvest the ear of corn but also chop the corn stalk to achieve the purpose of returning the straw to the field;
4. The unit is used with small tractors, and the tractor can be removed to do other operations;
5. The design is simple and reasonable, easy to repair is an energy-saving thresher/Sheller.

Degranulation speed problem of Multifunctional grain thresher/Sheller

Any machine will wear out during use. Whether it is a component or a mainframe, the magnitude of the vibration will affect its service life. Multi-functional corn-soybean grain thresher/sheller’s speed and slowness are greatly affected by its use and its longevity.
The threshing speed of the thresher seriously affects the life of the equipment. Excessive degranulation can cause internal damage to the internal components of the thresher, shortening the service life and the cleanliness of threshing.
The speed that affects the threshing speed is undoubtedly the speed. The general speed is controlled at 29m/s. If the rotation speed is too high, the corn or grain will be crushed. If it is too low, it will be unclean.

The speed of the thresher should not be too fast. It should use according to the speed specified in the instruction manual. Do not increase the speed arbitrarily. Generally, wheat is 28-32 m/s, indicate is 24-26 m/s, and japonica is 26-30 m/s. If the rotation speed is too high, not only will it be unsatisfactory. But there will be adverse conditions such as severe grain breakage. Shortened machine life, and increased unsafe factors. Install a matching motor or diesel engine according to the requirements or on the aircraft’s logo. And equip the appropriate pulley, taking care not to reverse the direction. The fan rotating pulley can not be reversed, otherwise, it will affect the cleanliness of the grain.

Processing tips after use Multifunctional grain thresher/Sheller

1. The device pattern should focus on the inclined surface facing the feeding direction. The texture direction of the two adjacent bars should opposite to prevent the grain from moving to one end of the roller, resulting in uneven load.

2. After the threshing is completed, the dust and debris in the machine should carefully remove. If the paint is dropped during the application, the paint should apply from the beginning.

3. China hot sale Multifunctional grain thresher / Sheller after the drum repair should do static balance adjustment until the adjustment balance stops.

4. The parts of desoldering and cracking should weld.

5. Repair is complete, fill the oiling point, smooth point with a sufficient amount of smooth oil. The thread of each conditioning screw should also oil and rustproof. Put the thresher in a dry and ventilated shed, pay attention not to be above the thresher Remove debris to prevent deformation.

6. Tighten the stud bolts to the regular torque. Ordinary points are tightened 3-4 times. Check whether each stud bolt can have a lock nut. Because the streaming machine works, the roller is running at a high speed, the nut is easy to lose. And the quality of the rod must meet the requirements. It cannot be replaced by other bolts.

7. Check if the threshing machine cover can strong and the damaged one should replace.

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