Procedures for operating potato harvesters


Agricultural machinery such as potato harvesters is commonly used in our agricultural production. The use of such equipment has accelerated people’s harvest speed, reduced people’s workload and freed people’s hands. Therefore, the potato harvester is Agricultural production has won people’s love. The following 3 point tractor mounted potato harvester manufacturer Aike to give you some of the performance characteristics of the device.

Features of Potato harvester equipment

1. The use of potato harvester equipment for work harvesting is more efficient and the breakage rate is low.

2. The equipment is designed in accordance with the lifting angle of the excavating device and the lifting angle of the conveying and separating device during production. To effectively solve the problem of soil accumulation after the shovel.

3. Secondly, the single row tractor-mounted potato harvester also uses the accompanying depth limit mechanism to effectively reduce drag and improve job smoothness.

4. It runs lightly and without vibration, does not block grass. Has quick soil leakage, simple structure, and long service life.

5. The machine can directly extract the remaining agricultural film in the soil, without affecting the growth of the next season’s crops.

6. Farming machine potato digger cropper mounted agriculture tractor.

7. When the equipment is working, it can be matched with 20~35 hp tractors. It is suitable for the four-wheel tractor owned by most farmers at the present stage. It has the characteristics of wide adaptability, low investment, and quick effect.

Precautions for using the potato harvester

Harvesting with potato harvester equipment not only works efficiently but also has a low breakage rate. This is also the main reason why people like to use the device now. Nowadays, all kinds of harvester machinery are very popular in the agricultural machinery market. The main reason is that the use of such mechanical equipment greatly provides people’s work efficiency, and also saves a lot of time for people.
However, when using the potato harvester, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it is necessary to check the status of each accessory in advance. The following points should note when using this device:

When working with tractor-mounted potato harvester. Users should also pay attention to the use of the tractor, so please pay attention to whether the hook part is horizontal, horizontal, front and rear. Secondly, the farmer should check the tightening degree of each part of the machine before using the potato harvester, and check whether the rotating part is stuck.
Before using the harvester equipment, users should ask if there are any hard items in the plot to avoid damage to the potato harvester. When we are working, do not back off the tractor, and there is no sudden change.

Procedures for operating potato harvesters

1. First of all, the user must follow the operating procedures in the operation of the machinery. Maintenance and maintenance methods, should not sloppy.
2. Carefully read the machine instruction manual, master the structure and performance. And do not disassemble and assemble at will.
3. It is absolutely impossible to operate a faulty machine. Once it is found that the machine is faulty, stop the operation immediately and carry out maintenance and maintenance in time.
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