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We are a professional production and sales company of agricultural machinery and equipment. The head office was established in 2010 and is located in Ningyang County, Shandong Province. The company has 50 employees and 20 sets of machining equipment. Today I will mainly introduce you to the performance characteristics of the Pellet Machine.

Small pellet machine introduce

A small granulator is a machine that granulates the mixed powder into granules and pulverizes the lumps of dry granules into the desired granules. It is suitable for small batch production in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, scientific research units, laboratories, hospitals, and small health care products factories.

Animal Feed Pellet Machine Scope of use

1. This machine is a kind of rocking action of a rotating cylinder. Through the screen, the wet powder raw material can be ground into particles, and can also be widely used for pulverizing the pressed pieces to become ready-made particles.
2. In the case of chemicals, the powder is used as a mixed powder to be granulated, and after drying, it is used to compress the tablet, and it is also possible to pulverize the block which is condensed during storage or formed into a block during chemical processing. Used in the food industry for the treatment of confectionery and mixtures and wheat bran. In other industries, such as ceramics, plastics and the like, become shaped particles.
3. It is not suitable for solids, fluids, slurries or grinds.
4. The mesh number of the mesh sieve should be provided by the user according to the particle size requirements.

Pellet Machine specific parameters of each model

Model Matched Power (kW) Capacity (kg/h) Net weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
AK-125 3-4 80-100 35 630*270*750
AK-150 3-4 90-150 40 650*270*780
AK-210 7.5 200-300 90-110 850*380*910
AK-230 11 300-400 110-150 980*380*940
AK-260 15 400-500 160-190 1080*420*1040
AK-300 18.5 600-800 280-320 1300*510*1210
AK-360 22 700-900 330-380 1400*560*1600
AK-400 30 900-1200 380-460 1500*610*1800
AK-500 37-42 1200-1600 800 1920*910*1840

Poultry Animal Feed Pellet Machine Construction description

1. The fuselage is an independent rectangular parallelepiped, consisting of three parts: the bearing frame, the reduction gearbox, and the machine base. The feeding powder bucket is connected with the bearing frame and extends out of the machine. The front end of the machine base is designed to extend and land widely and smoothly, so it does not need to be installed and can be placed indoors.
2. Particle manufacturing device: The rotating roller recumbent device is under the hopper, and there are bearing supports at the front and the rear, which are driven by the rack to make a reverse rotation. The front bearing housing of the end face is movable, and only three screws are unscrewed during assembly and disassembly, and the front bearing housing and the rotating roller can be sequentially extracted. The two ends of the rotating drum adopt symmetrical convex couplings, which are not restricted by the reverse, and are easy to assemble and disassemble.
3. Screen clamp: The device is made on both sides of the rotating drum. It is made of steel pipe with a long groove in the middle. Both ends of the screen are embedded in the groove. Turn the hand wheel to wrap the screen on the outer circle of the rotating drum. The ratchet is supported and the elastic can be adjusted.
4. Reducer: It adopts worm gear transmission with a speed ratio of 1:30. The oil can be stored in the box to ensure good lubrication and no noise of the rack, gear and worm wheel. The outer end of the worm wheel is equipped with an eccentric rod to drive the rod to reciprocate. The gear shaft that the toothed rod meshes are the reverse rotation motion.
5. Base motor: The motor mounting plate is hingedly connected to the base, and the other end is hinged to the nut. When the hand wheel on the base is rotated, the screw is rotated, and the nut drives the motor board to lower the plate to tighten the triangle.

Suitable for different animal feed needs

Pellet machine 5

Instructions for use

1. Usage: Start the machine, pour the mixture into the bucket, and use the rocking action of the rotating drum to squeeze the material through the screen to form particles. If the crushing block is to be added gradually, it should not be filled up to avoid overpressure. Make the screen vulnerable.
2. Matters needing attention: If the powder does not stop in the powder bucket, it can not be used to shovel, so as to avoid injury accidents, use a bamboo shovel or stop work.

Animal Feed Pellet Machine Maintenance instructions

1. Regularly check the parts and check them once a month to check whether the worm gear, worm, bearing, and other active parts are flexible and wearable. The defects should be repaired in time and should not be used barely.
2. The machine should be placed in a dry and clean room, and the atmosphere must not contain acids and other places where corrosive gases flow to the parts.
3. After the machine is used once or when it is stopped, the rotating drum should be taken out to clean or brush the remaining powder in the bucket, and then it is ready to be prepared for the next use.
4. If the deactivation time is long, the machine must be wiped clean, the smooth surface of the machine is coated with anti-rust oil, and covered with a cloth.





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