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We are a professional production and sales company of agricultural machinery and equipment. The head office was established in 2010 and is located in Ningyang County, Shandong Province. The company has 50 employees and 20 sets of machining equipment. Today I will mainly introduce you to the performance characteristics of the Pellet Machine.

Pellet machine 1Poultry Animal Feed Pellet Machine For Sale Performance characteristics:
1. Simple structure, wide adaptability, small floor space, and low noise.
2. Powdered feed, grass powder can be granulated without adding a little liquid, so the moisture content of the pellet feed is basically the moisture content of the material before granulation, which is more conducive to storage.
3. Dry material processing, the production of feed pellets with high hardness, smooth surface, internal ripening, can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
4. During the production process, under the pressure of the machine itself, the starch in the feed can be matured to a certain extent, producing a strong aroma, and the feed texture is hard, conforming to the characteristics of the pig, cow, and sheep, and improving the feed. The palatability is easy to eat.
5. The particle formation process can denature the pancreatic enzyme resistance factor in grains and beans, reduce the adverse effects on digestion, kill various parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce various parasitic diseases and digestive tracts. Systemic disease.
6. Pellet Machine Easy to feed, high utilization, easy to control the amount of feeding, saving feed, clean and hygienic. Especially for fish farming, since the pellet feed dissolves slowly in water, it is not drowned by sediment, which reduces waste.

Pellet machine 2

Pellet Machine specific parameters of each model:

Model Matched Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h) Net weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
AK-125 3-4 80-100 35 630*270*750
AK-150 3-4 90-150 40 650*270*780
AK-210 7.5 200-300 90-110 850*380*910
AK-230 11 300-400 110-150 980*380*940
AK-260 15 400-500 160-190 1080*420*1040
AK-300 18.5 600-800 280-320 1300*510*1210
AK-360 22 700-900 330-380 1400*560*1600
AK-400 30 900-1200 380-460 1500*610*1800
AK-500 37-42 1200-1600 800 1920*910*1840

Customers can accept different die module to make a variety of feed pellets to meet the requirements of different animals

Pellet machine 3

Display of various feed pellet effects produced

Pellet machine 4

Suitable for different animal feed needs

Pellet machine 5

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