Potato Peanut Harvester Mounted By Walking Tractor


Introduce for potato peanut harvester mounted by walking tractor

The main structure and working principle of potato peanut harvester

The machine is hung behind the walking tractor. And the gearbox of the walking tractor is combined with the gearbox of the front of the machine to drive the machine. The connecting rod drives the digging shovel to reciprocate back and forth. And then the left end gear of the transmission shaft drives the shifting on the axle. Tooth sprocket, and change the direction of the drive. And then drive the main drive shaft of the chain by the V-belt. Under the traction of the walking tractor, the potatoes (garlic, sweet potato) excavated by the digging shovel are placed on the separate chain. The rotating soil of the separation chain falls under the separation chain. The potatoes (garlic, sweet potato) and the unfallen clods fall on the vibrating screen on the separation chain and are again cleaned and separated and placed on the ground behind the machine.

Peanut Harvester

Performance characteristics of potato peanut harvester

The potato peanut harvester is equipped with 20-30 horsepower walking tractors with good performance and high efficiency. It is mainly used to harvest underground rootstock crops such as potatoes and sweet potatoes. The utility model has the advantages of high harvesting efficiency, low damage rate. Light and fast operation, no vibration, no grass blocking, quick soil leakage, simple structure, and long service life. The machine has obtained two patents for utility model and design approved by the National Patent Office.

Technical Maintenance And Preservation of potato peanut harvester

1. After the end of each shift, the soil of all parts of the machine should remove.
2. Check the fasteners of various parts, if loose and timely tighten
3. Check whether the rotating parts are flexible or not. If it is not normal, it should adjust and eliminate in time.
4. When the machine is not used for a long time. It should take care of to prevent rain and avoid contact with acidic substances to avoid corrosion. The blade should oil!
Potato Peanut Harvester

The potato harvester produced by Hexie Machinery and the walking tractor is a new type of potato harvesting machine with direct connection and suspension linkage. The machine is mainly adapted to the needs of the farmer’s field and mountainous hills and other planting plots and small farmland operations. After removing the yam, the excavation, the separation of the cassava. And the laying of the strips can realize. The whole operation process is smooth, and the single ridge can harvest. The connection is convenient, the operation is flexible, the utility is high, the harvesting efficiency is high. And the rate of burying is low. Without damage, the machine can directly turn the remaining agricultural film in the soil to the ground. Which is more convenient for cleaning. Which is conducive to the growth of the next season crop and has won the favor of users everywhere.


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