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Structure of Walking Tractor

Walking tractors are divided into 2.2 kW or less, 2.2 to 4.5 kW, and 5 to 13 kW according to the power.
According to the performance of the drive, the drive types, traction type, and drive traction type. The driving type is mainly used for rotary tiller operation, so it is also called dynamic tillage machine; the traction type is mainly equipped with traction type agricultural implements; the dual-purpose type can be used for supporting rotary tiller operation (see picture), or it can equip with traction agricultural implements or with trailers. Transportation work. According to the walking device, it is divided into wheel type, crawler type, and tilling type. Wheeled walking tractors are divided into a single wheel and double wheel according to the number of walking wheels.

walking tractor

Operational of Walking Tractor

The walking tractor has lightweight, small size, flexible operation, strong adaptability, etc.
Advantages, coupled with different agricultural machinery, can be used for plowing, rotary tillage, leveling, broken soil, and other field operations, coupled with trailers, and can also transport short distances. In field operations, accidents are generally less prone to accidents due to slower speeds. When working on roads, special attention should pay to safety issues such as steering and connection.

Use of Walking Tractor

Plowing operation
Rotary tillage
Sowing operation
Ditching operation
Irrigation and threshing operations
Transportation work
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If the walking tractor is not used for a long time, there will be a series of problems and malfunctions. In order to avoid failure when using again, pay attention to the maintenance measures.

walking tractor 18hp

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