Points to pay attention to when purchasing corn thresher


Points to pay attention to when working of corn thresher

1. Check that all components should in good condition and should eliminate the fault in time. Check the bolt fastening of each part and tighten if loose.

2. Remove the residual grain and debris after the previous operation, carry out a comprehensive inspection of the machine. Bearings and other rotating parts should fill with lubricating oil.

3. High-performance mini corn threshing/maize sheller machine check the bolting of each part after the operation and maintain the machine. After each season, the equipment should thoroughly inspect. If there are damaged or worn parts, it should repair or replace in time to ensure the next threshing season.

4. The machine after maintenance and repair should clean inside and outside and place in a dry and ventilated room. The machine should not place directly on the ground to protect it from moisture. If the paint is peeled off, it should brush. The unpainted parts should coat with anti-rust oil.

Advantages of corn thresher

Cheap factory price diesel engine/motor driven corn sheller has higher threshing efficiency than general thresher equipment. Production efficiency 0.85 ~ 12500/H, peeling rate 80% ~ 95%, less than 1% breaking rate, low loss rate At 2%. The device can replace the manual operation with a complete corn peeling operation to improve work efficiency. It is a good helper for farmers during the corn harvest season.

Tips to pay attention to when purchasing corn thresher

1. It is necessary to purchase the goods that have obtained the production permit. Because the threshing machine belongs to the production permit, safety is the first choice. When the wearer purchases the thresher, it depends on whether the product has the quality of ‘QS’. The safety mark and the production permit number can also register in the ‘National Industrial Commodity Production Permit Office’ to verify the actuality of the production permit. The threshing machine products that have obtained the production permit are strictly inspected and inspected and approved by the relevant state departments. Under normal circumstances, the safety of certified goods is still guaranteed. And the purchase can assure, and no purchase can make. Produce a thresher product for the permit.

2. Safety protection equipment needs to finish and stable. All high-speed changes of maize/corn sheller and thresher machine should have a smooth and reliable protective cover or protective plate.

3. The safety warning sign must in good condition and exemplary. Usually, there should a permanent safety warning sign on the risky parts such as the feeding inlet, discharge port, fan port, conveyor belt and clamping chain of the thresher. The flag reminds the controller that it is too fine.

4. When purchasing, carefully consider the three-package rule of the thresher and try to purchase a threshing machine with a long three-pack period. A sound collection, and consumable supply.

5. When purchasing, carefully read the technical parameters of the threshing machine and the working function data table. And comprehensively consider the application scope, supporting power, work-life, energy consumption, de-cleaning rate, loss rate and impurity rate of the thresher. The policy, after the comparison of the process, purchases an economically applicable model and does not pursue a one-sided pursuit of a larger model with higher nominal quality.

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