Performance Features of Wheat/Rice/Grass seed Planting Machine


Rice/wheat planter function introduction

Aike Machinery agricultural use tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder function introduction: Select regular enterprise produced the gearbox, and the high-quality brand-name gasoline engine is the supporting power. Easy to start, light and durable. The overall board design, one-shot molding, is sturdy and durable. Bold handles. User-friendly high quality hand throttle design. The new model adds a high and low neutral gear clutch function.

The unique main wheel design does not slip, and the dust is less, reducing the leakage and entanglement to the gearbox. Replace the building heart, you can finally spread cotton, corn, peanuts, soybeans. When the user is using, the amount of the handle can adjust to be large or small. Feel free to adjust.

Features of Wheat/Rice/Grass seed Planting Machine

1. Using the nail cage type seed meter, which is derived from European technology, solves the limitation of the filling performance of the outer tank wheel seed metering device. Even if the high-speed seeding is carried out, the seeding amount is very accurate, and the seeding nail wheel is equipped with two kinds of thickness. Nail teeth can use to seed any cereal seeds, such as millet, canola and the like.

2. Gear transmission between the output shaft of the gearbox and the seeding shaft, the adjustment range of the seeding amount is increased, and the minimum amount of seeding is 4-2, and the maximum is 60 kg.

3. The distance between the two rows of discs is widened, and the workability of straw in the field is improved.

4. The model with fertilization function, the frame is changed to four rows of beams, which is convenient for fertilization and arrangement of seeding openers.

5. The fertilizer box is raised, and the seed tank is 7 cm higher than the original, to meet customer needs.

6. The fertilizer box is made of a rotatable fertilizer, and the fluidity of the seed-fertilizer is improved.

7. Low-cost tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder power mixing mechanism (optional) uses the tractor to output power, drives the spiral shovel to work with the shovel, and completes the flat and mullion work at one time. The land is leveled, the sowing depth is uniform, and the emergence is uniform.

8. According to the cultivated soil environment, a variety of seeding openers such as disc type, spring leg type, wide seedling belt type, and foot type can select. Disc openers and lace disc openers are available.

9. New spring leg opener, wide seedling with opener and foot opener, you can purchase equipment according to the working environment.

Now Aike Machinery high-quality tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder is for sale, welcome to users who need it.

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