Peanut planting techniques and planting density issues


Peanut planting technology

Peanut is a favorite food. Next, Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine exporter Hexie Machinery will introduce you to the precautions in peanut cultivation.

1. The main functions of cultivating and weeding, peanut cultivating. First, loosen the topsoil, improving the water, fertilizer, gas, and heat of the topsoil. Promoting the development of roots and nodules. Second, removing weeds, peanuts are generally plowed at least three times. The second time before the clearing of the seedlings. The second time before the wheat harvest. The third time before the wheat harvest was inserted into the soil or just after entering the soil. Peanut cultivating generally has the experience of “scratching the head, digging twice. Three times and four times as embroidering”.

2. The main role of soil, the soil is to shorten the distance between the fruit needle into the soil. So that the fruit needle into the soil early, and for the fruit needle into the soil and pod development to create a loose soil layer. While the soil after the formation of a ditch between the rows, easy to drain. The soil should be placed in the field when the field is just closed or before the closure. A large number of fruit needles will be carried out at the time of land. Around July 20. If a large number of fruit needles have been transplanted into the soil and then cultivated. It is often only possible to increase the chances of the upper fruit needles entering the soil in the later period. Only capsules or young fruits can be increased. But the soil layer where the fruit needles have been placed in the soil becomes thicker. But it is not good for pod development. Increase the fruit and fruit.

3. Reasonable watering and timely draining.

4. Spray fertilizer and leaf. From the beginning of the pod-forming period, if there is premature senescence. The yellow leaf surface is sprayed with 0.1-0.2% aqueous urea solution.

5. Prevention and control of leaf spot disease, at the end of the pod interval 10-15 days even spray 2-3 times the fungicide. Such as 1200 times, can increase yield by 10.53%.

Peanut planting density problem

1. Reasonable close planting can effectively coordinate the relationship between peanut individuals and groups.
Reasonable close planting can effectively maintain the balance between individual and group. On the basis of ensuring the full development of the individual. The group advantage is fully exerted, which not only ensures the fruit weight but also achieves the highest yield per unit area.

2. Reasonable close planting can make full use of light energy
The key to rational planting is that plants can make full use of light energy. The total photosynthetic rate and pod yield are closely related to the density. When the density is too small, the population affects the total photosynthetic yield and pod yield due to the small leaf area. In the appropriate density range, although the photosynthetic productivity decreased due to the increase of leaf area of ​​the population. The decreases of photosynthetic products were lower than the increase due to the increase of leaf area. The total photosynthetic quantity of the population increased, and the utilization rate of light energy increase. And eventually, the pod yield increases.

3. Reasonable close planting can improve the pod fullness of the population under the condition of rare planting. Although the individual is fully developed and the number of results per plant is large. The number of pods per unit area is small, and the fruit weight of the group is often reduced due to the increase in the proportion of capsules.

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