Peanut Planter Equipment Operation Process


The Peanut Planter Equipment can realize the sowing of the plot after the rotary tillage treatment and can complete the processes of ditching, fertilizing, sowing, covering soil, and suppressing at one time. If you are planting in a plot that is not rotated, you need to replace the seeding disc opener with a no-till alloy tipping opener to allow the planting operation. Now it is widely used in areas with a large peanut planting area in China. When users want to achieve higher efficiency when using the device, they need to be familiar with the Peanut Planter operation process.

China Peanut Planter Equipment operation process

1. The newly purchased peanut planter shall assemble the product according to the instructions; at the same time, check whether the parts have problems.
2. Pay attention to the debugging after the assembly is completed. Because the land in each area is different, the density is different. Experiment at home and make reasonable adjustments.
3. When performing field operations, try to broadcast about 10-30 meters, debug according to the specific situation, if there is no problem, start planting work.

Precautions for China Peanut Planter Equipment

Be sure to pay attention when planting, cannot pull, push and other operations, so as not to damage the internal gear of the peanut planter. Seeds and fertilizers should not be overfilled, and the amount of fertilizer must not be less than one-fifth of that of the fertilizer tank. When planting, you must move at a constant speed. You can’t cope with the speed of planting and run quickly.
At the end of the sowing, according to the assembly procedure, the peanut planter is disassembled, and the mixed soil is cleaned to seal the peanut planter Equipment. Do not store in a place where direct sunlight and rain can drip, which is not convenient for the next year.


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