Peanut picker machine

Introduction of the peanut picking machine

The peanut picker is a new fan and cleaning pipe to remove contaminants and soil crushing is picking clean, pick the net rate is high, the breakage rate is low, the cleaning clean, high efficiency, reasonable structure, automatic bagging machine/loading, free line advantages go, mobile convenience in the fields.


Features of the peanut picking machine

1, dry, wet, semi-dry and humid three peanut picking machines are suitable for the separation of seedlings from the excavated peanuts. It is an ideal choice for dry and fresh peanuts.


2, picking flowers after sorting clean without miscellaneous fruit, dried directly after bagging storage.


3, the operation is convenient, the performance is reliable, the fruit is clean, the efficiency is high, and the broken is little.


4. The machine is connected with the tractor through the universal joint and the fixed and flow operation.

5, the machine adopts the enlarging roller and the thickening material, the performance is more stable, the continuous working ability is stronger, and the parts and components are coordinated.

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