Peanut Picker machine 8000/6000 with low breakage rate


Peanut picking machines are important mechanical equipment in our agricultural production and processing. Their use greatly reduces our labor input and shortens our working time. So what do peanut pickers need to know during the production process? Next, China peanut picker machine 8000/6000 manufacturer Aike Machinery will do some simple introduction for everyone.

Aike Machinery produces high-efficiency peanut picker machine 8000/6000 is new machinery for packing peanuts. This peanut picker machine is mainly for the rapid harvesting of peanuts. The emergence of this kind of peanut picker. It has greatly improved the efficiency of labor, reduced labor time. And is very popular in agriculture. After all, the peanut picker is a machine, so after a long time of use. There will be some damage, so we need our daily maintenance.

Working process of peanut picker machine 8000/6000

Peanut picker machine 8000/6000 at work, peanut seedlings are fed into a peanut picker through a full feed machine for one-time processing separation. Peanuts and seedlings are automatically separated by machine rotation. After the peanuts are separated, they fall on the vibrating screen. and the mixed leaves and weeds are simultaneously blown out by the fan. Which can effectively discharge the remaining seedlings from the outlet. In the process of using, if there is a problem, you can’t panic and calm down. Tractor mounted large capacity peanut harvester peanut picker 8000/6000 cylinders are inevitably clogged. In which case it is necessary to check the amount of feed, the degree of drying of the peanut seedlings. And the tightness of the motor’s V-belt and the supply voltage.

High-Efficiency Peanut Picker machine 8000/6000 is very simple and flexible to operate. Convenient and fast to use, and low breakage rate, which reduces the labor load of farmers’ friends. Which can improve work efficiency, save time and reduce labor.

Inspection of Peanut harvester

Agricultural mechanization can greatly improve the efficiency of labor production. The most obvious manifestation is that the workforce of the previous dozens of people is now only one person. And peanuts, as the main economic crops in China, are very necessary for the production of seeds and receipts. The labor to achieve, the peanut picking machine is a kind of rapid picking equipment. Which can quickly separate the peanuts from the neck lice, avoiding the rot of the slow knife and the germination phenomenon. Before the peanut picker is used, we need to go through the steps of debugging and inspection. So as to ensure that the product works without accidents.

Adjustment of Peanut harvester

If you hear an abnormal sound when the peanut picker is working, you must stop it and check it in time to continue the use. It is forbidden to overload the peanut picker. Professionals are required to check and adjust every day. The peanut picker drum is clogged. The amount of feed and the humidity of the peanut meal. The motor tightness, the power supply voltage, etc. must check. When the fruit picking is not clean, the gap between the hobbing and the bottom of the screen should adjust. Generally, the gap between the hobbing and the bottom of the screen is too large, resulting in unclean fruit.

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