Paddy field weeder


Introduction to paddy field weeder

In recent years, Aike Machinery has continuously improved the level of scientific farming through the integrated use of high-yield and high-efficiency agricultural technologies. On June 10th, four rice field weeders purchased by farmers in Tai’an City were put into use, and the effect was verified in the field.

Paddy field weeder

Paddy field weeder product introduction

It is reported that the rice field weeding machine has been put into use, which not only improves the efficiency of weeding. But also requires only one person to complete the weeding work, which only one person can complete and saves the cost of weeding.

The wedding cost is from the previous 160 yuan per mu is reduced to 80 yuan. Not only that but the rice field weeding machine is also low-carbon and environmentally friendly, which can effectively reduce the pollution of chemical agents to the agricultural environment and improve the safety and quality of food production. At the same time, the rice field weeding machine was put into use, which further improved the mechanized production level of local agriculture.

Paddy field weeder technical parameters

Project technical parameters

Model 3GZC-3

Engine type of gasoline engine

Calibration power kW 1.46

Rated speed r/min 6500

Dimensions (length × width × height) mm 1550 × 800 × 400

Plowing depth mm 10~20

Number of weeding lines 3

Working width mm 170*3

Weeding number (putting) 6 (effective length of paddy for paddy field 56 mm; water depth 20 to 50 mm)

Tool shaft speed r/min 186

Transmission mode intermediate shaft transmission

Connection method centrifugal clutch

Structure quality kg 30

Working hour productivity hm2/h 0.13~0.2

paddy weeder

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