Paddy Field Weeder


Introduce for paddy field weeder

This product is suitable for field weeding of rice. It replaces the use of herbicides, reduces environmental pollution, avoids soil compaction, and is an essential tool for growing organic rice. The machine is small in size, light in weight, light and easy to move, and economical and practical. Rice field weeding machine, weeding fast, easy to operate, manpower, machine self-propelled field weeding operations. efficient! Economical and practical. The peasant is a good helper.

Paddy weeder 2 rows

Project technical parameters for the weeder

Model 3GZC-2
Engine type qiyou machine
Calibration power kW 1.46
Rated speed r/min 6500
Dimensions (length × width × height) mm 1550 × 550 × 400
Plowing depth mm 10~20
Number of weeding lines 2
Working width mm 170×2
Weeding number (putting) 6 (effective length of paddy for paddy field 56 mm; water depth 20 to 50 mm)
Tool shaft speed r/min 186

Paddy weeder

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