Operation method of Multi-function Paddy Rice Reaper Harvester Binder


Multi-function Paddy Rice Reaper Harvester Binder is a kind of multi-purpose harvester equipment, widely used for harvesting rice, wheat, barley, and other crops, this machine combines the advantages of domestic miniature combine harvester, adopts double-layer cutter, airflow cleaning, reaping complete, low stubble, reaping, bundling and one-time placement, it is suitable for the combined reaping of wheat and rice in hilly, mountain and plain areas. And now Hexie Machinery has also produced a high-quality tractor mounted multi-function reaper binder, tractor installation equipment users use more save labor costs.

The operation method of Rice Reaper Harvester Binder

1、Carefully observe the safety signs and important tips of the machine and strictly implement them. The novice users must first carry out the training before harvesting;
2、Check whether the screws of the connecting parts are tightened and the lubricating parts are filled with lubricating oil;
3、This machine can be harvested regardless of field size. In general, the water in paddy field does not exceed the walking wheel center and can work normally;
4、Multi-function Paddy Rice Reaper Harvester Binder adopts the advanced flywheel clutch device, that is, the harvester can walk and harvest after the power reaches the normal working speed. According to the dry and wet of the harvested rice fields, the depth of the mud feet is manually adjusted to increase power, input and output, the purpose of normal harvesting threshing. When you are finished, close the throttle, no more harvesting.
The safety of the operator is very important when the user operates the Reaper Harvester Binder, so it is necessary to know some operation methods of the equipment before using it. If you want to inquire about the price of reaper harvester binder, please contact our customer service staff, they will give you a detailed answer.

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