Operating points of Tractor Single-row Corn harvester before work


Introduction to the operation of corn harvester

Do you know what the main points of China walking tractor single-row corn harvester should pay attention to before use? Before the corn harvester is operating, the first thing to do is to check for looseness between the various parts of the equipment. In order to avoid the occurrence of accidents, there must lose conditions. And the fastening process should carry out in time.

The second is to check the various parts of the machine, such as: check whether the spindle rotation is flexible. If there is a stuck, you should find out the cause and eliminate it in time. Check the feeding bucket and the tool holder for tools and other foreign objects. If any, clear it. After checking the requirements, start the machine for a few minutes. After the standby device is running normally, you can put it into operation.

In addition, the operator should have a cleaning and running tool to clean up the peanuts, stones, and nails to process. Otherwise, the blade or other parts may damage the machine. After the machine is turned on, the operator’s hand is not allowed to enter the feeding room, and the population is blocked from the grass. It is not allowed to use wooden sticks and iron bars to push the blocked grass to prevent the occurrence of cutting fingers or being injured by wood or iron bars. In addition, there should a place for stacking forage and a working surface that is level with the feeding bucket to stack the forage and ensure continuous feeding of the forage.

Tips to improve the speed of corn harvester industry

1. Adding a hob can increase the speed by 75%;

2. Add corn treadmill, can increase the capacity of corn storage, it is best to choose hydraulic drive;

3. If there is a suede machine, please add the grain back to the warehouse. (1) If the grain position is higher than 0.5 m above the bottom of the granary, install the free backflow trough. (2) Install the riser below 0.5 m;

4. When the grain is unloaded, the engine does not reduce the throttle, not the main clutch. The grain truck should stop the uncut corn row before the warehouse is full. The harvester will close before the stop, and the grain elevator will unload the grain. When you are walking, you can also close the warehouse so that when the corn is above, the warehouse will also fall into place;

5. When cutting the corn to adjust the front of the car, you should pour the car twice to cut back. The premise is that the width of the ground is more than twice the length of the car;

6. If it is more than one point for the lifting and adding the suede, it is best to install a stopper at the front end of the suede machine. Thus shortening the time for unloading the grain!

Preparation of corn harvester before work

First of all, the direct multi-function mini corn harvester diesel corn harvester hand push corn harvester engine is the core component to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, check the oil supply time before running, and check the valve clearance and other parts to find out the problem.

Second cutter assembly
This is an important working part of the corn harvester. Focus on overhauling the following parts. The thickness of the cutting edge of the cutting head is worn out. If the tooth height of the moving blade is insufficient or more than one tooth is missing continuously. The new part should replace and loosen. If the front end is larger than the front end of the fixed blade gap. The clearance at the rear end should smaller than the clearance of the adjustable blade. Check that all the edge guards are in the same plane.

Threshing device
The main purpose is to check and adjust the threshing gap and the rotation speed of the drum and to adjust the decreasing rate and productivity without prematurely breaking the grain. Adjust the threshing gap to pay attention to the left and right sides. Turn the drum to check the rods one by one. Check the ordering of the teeth. Adjust the drum speed according to the requirements. The drum speed should be matched with the threshing gap. The principle is to maintain the decreasing rate. Minimum speed and maximum threshing clearance.

Clean mechanical radiators and filters
The tractor single-row corn harvester is located on the farm at the time of operation. And the relative on-site environment is also harsh. During the operation, the harvesting machine raises dust and dust. After a long period of operation, the radiator is easily affected by these external factors, causing the radiator to become clogged, thereby affecting the heat dissipation function of the machine. At the same time, for the filter of the corn combine harvester, it will affect the use effect under the condition of dust and grass clipping for a long time. And it will cause black smoke, power drop, etc. In severe cases, it will cause mechanical failure to stop. Therefore, the mechanical radiator and filter should be inspected and cleaned in time.

Carefully check each weldment for damage
Strict inspection of the welded parts of the single-row corn harvester is required to ensure that there are no wear parts. And the possible cracks, deformation, damage, etc. of the welded parts are excluded.

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