Oil Sunflower Thresher


Introduction for oil sunflower thresher machine

The oil sunflower threshing machine comprises a body, a threshing roller, a sieve, a bracket. And a suspension frame. The body has a tubular working chamber with a feeding port on the upper side and a discharge port on the lower side. The threshing roller and the sieve are arranged on the body. Inside the working chamber, the bracket and the hanger are arranged on the outside of the machine body. And the suspension frame above it can conveniently mount on the bumper of the tractor and operated by the power of the tractor.
This machine is specially used for grain threshing operation of oil sunflower. It has the advantages of good threshing effect, fast speed and no damage to grain. It is the ideal equipment for oil sunflower oil industry.

Oil Sunflower Thresher

Power: 4 kW – 5.5 kW Production: 7-8 acres

The sunflower thresher is equipped with a motor with a power of 5.5KW or more, a diesel engine, and a drag. This product uses a new type of agricultural machine for sunflower threshing, which has changed the condition of manual work for many years. The structure is advanced, the use is convenient, the removal rate is high. The grain is not wrapped, the separation is thorough, the operation is convenient. The light brightness of the grain is not damaged, the production efficiency is high, and it is suitable for long-time operation. And can thresher 800-1000 kg per hour.

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The oil sunflower machine has simple results, convenient installation and uses. Good threshing effect and high efficiency. It is especially suitable for individual farmers to use. It is a good helper for farmers to get rich!

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