NY8000/NY6000 Peanut Picker Machine Manufacturer, Peanut Fruit Picking Machine

The NY8000 / NY6000 peanut picker is driven by the rear axle of the tractor or electric motor. It has high production efficiency. And it is suitable for excavating peanuts after harvesting and drying for two days.

As a professional China peanut picker machine 8000/6000 manufacturer, Aike produced peanut picking machine equipment picks the fruit and cleans the peanuts without any impurities. After drying, it can directly bag for storage. The operation is convenient, the performance is reliable. The picking fruit is clean, the crushing is less, and the power matching is small. It can match with tractors for fixed and mobile operations. And one person can operate it saving a lot of labor costs.

Now Aike peanut fruit picking machine is selling with a 70% discount, if you need it, you can come to consult.

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