Notes for using a garlic planter


The use of planter equipment for work efficiency is very high, and the use of the equipment to work is also effective in reducing the use of manpower. However, the garlic planting machine industry is constantly improving its own equipment during the development. In the agricultural operation of the planting machine, the cutting edge of the planting machine is continuously sharpened, thereby ensuring that the seeds can be quickly buried in the soil in the soil cultivation operation.

Notes for using a garlic planter

However, before using the 3 point hitch garlic planting machine. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, needs to debug the equipment in advance to ensure that the equipment can work normally. When the equipment is working, the garlic seed is mainly planted into the soil by the planting system. The whole planting process, combined with the cooperation of the harvester and the manpower, improves the quick and efficient planting of garlic. After using the planter equipment, the user also needs to remove the soil from all parts of the machine in time. Take care to prevent rain when placing equipment and avoid contact with acidic materials to avoid corrosion.

Maintenance of garlic planter

1. After the end of each shift, it is necessary to remove the soil of all parts of the machine in time and check the fasteners of each part in time. If it is loose and timely tightened.
2. After using the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the rotating parts are flexible in time. If it is not normal, it should be adjusted and eliminated in time for technical maintenance and storage.
3. If we do not use the garlic planter for a long time, the machine should take care to prevent rain and avoid contact with acidic substances to avoid corrosion.

The characteristics of China garlic planter

1. In the production design, the garlic planting machine mainly adopts the originally imported disc cutter. Which cuts the potato and other weeds in time and effectively, prevents the dragging phenomenon. Has the characteristics of long life, reliable performance, and stable work.

2. The harvester equipment has the characteristics of compact structure, high rate of sweet potato. Less damage to tubers, safety, and reliability, and high work efficiency.

3. The equipment is also used in the production of the ridge body contouring mechanism, which not only crushes the hard shell of the ridge body surface. But also ensures the depth of the excavation shovel, excavates the potato and does not harm the potato, and reduces the power consumption.

4. Adopting a double-lift chain structure, the elevator chain drive is driven by a wear-resistant rubber wheel. Which has low noise and overload protection function and increases the mixing stroke to improve the rate of sweet potato.

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