New Type Dandelion Harvester


Maintenance and maintenance of dandelion harvesters

The windrower is a new type of agricultural machinery developed for the development of new energy and reducing the labor intensity of farmers. It brings convenience to the majority of users. We should pay attention to the maintenance of the machine after use. The following describes the maintenance of the windrower:

Thoroughly clean the dirt, broken rods, grain and other debris inside and outside the machine, and then put it into the hangar and store it.

Remove all the belts, scrub them, apply talcum powder, fasten the labels, and hang them on the inner wall of the hangar. Remove the chain and put it into diesel oil (or kerosene) for cleaning. After drying, put it in the oil and soak it for about half an hour. Then apply butter and wrap it in kraft paper and store it in a dry and ventilated place.

Carefully inspect the parts and find that the parts are excessively worn, deformed, damaged, and should replace it in time. It is found that the welding, riveting parts have de-welding, should repaired cracks and other phenomena in time.

The parts are lubricated according to the lubrication diagram of the machine and the requirements of the oil. If necessary, replace the chassis, gearbox, hydraulic oil, etc. And apply oil or butter to the friction parts in the machine work, and paint the paint off the paint.

Lower the cutting head of the windrower and use a square mat. The water in the engine is drained and the oil in the fuel and oil sump is released. Wrap the air filter, exhaust pipe port, fuel tank filler port and other parts with plastic cloth, inject a proper amount of oil into the cylinder, and turn the crankshaft several times. Remove the battery and store it separately.

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