New Type Big Peanut Harvester


Structure and introduction of peanut harvester

Because the peanut harvesting machine can better adapt to the requirements of peanut agronomy and production characteristics in China and has good adaptability to various soils. It has been well received by farmers because of its simple operation, reasonable structure, good reliability, and high operating efficiency. The favor of friends. And as an important part of the harvester, what is the role of its various devices?


Agricultural use tractor with multi-function groundnut carrots harvester is a new type of peanut harvesting equipment used by Aike Machinery after years of research and development. It was awarded a national patent in 2013.

The working principle of the peanut harvester drives the harvester forward, the digging shovel is shoveled into the soil at a certain angle. The shovel depth is 10-15CM, and the peanut mash is pushed onto the conveyor chain together with the soil, and the chain is moved backward. The vibration of the vibration axis below the coil, the soil carried by the peanuts is shaken off during the transportation process, and the procedure for separating the capsule from the soil is completed. If the fallen peanuts fall into the vibrating screen below the winding chain during the shaking process on the upper side, the vibrating screen is reciprocated. The peanuts are sieved out and stored in the tail collection basket, and the peanut hazelnuts continue to transferred to the guide pan, and the guide pan guides the peanuts to the left side and has been collected on the ground. So that the tractor can travel the next time.

Advantages Of New Type Big Peanut Harvester

1. The reasonable design of the angle of the plow tip of the harvester, the machine is very light in use. In actual work, a four-wheel tractor with more than 15 horsepower can drive normal work.
2. The reasonable jitter frequency of the shaking axis, the harvester can shake the soil carried by the peanut roots well during work.
3. The reasonable design of the vibrating screen movement angle and transmission mode, the harvester vibrating screen system will not malfunction when used for a long time.
4. Due to the reasonable design of the coil and vibrating screen, the working efficiency of the harvester is 3-4 times that of other vibrating screen harvesters. The net yield is 4-5 times that of other chain harvesters
5. The operation is simple, the machine is easy to adjust, only adjust the depth of the line. It can smoothly harvest, or it can horizontally harvest, and the harvester will not hang the fruit on both sides.

Because people used to dig up the peanuts from the soil to reduce the labor intensity, the plows were used to excavate the peanuts from the soil. Although the labor intensity was reduced, there were more residual peanuts in the soil, and the soil was still manually picked up. Peanuts are very inefficient. Therefore, the use of the peanut harvester not only improves the user’s harvesting efficiency but also reduces the breakage rate of the peanut harvester.

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