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Multiple rows tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine is mostly a tractor-mounted or animal-tracked double-wing shovel or two single-wing shovels in a symmetrical configuration. During the operation, cut off the main root within about 10 cm, and lift the d garlic along the shovel surface to form a strip. The rear of the shovel is welded with longitudinally aligned bars to remove dirt. The paved garlic is collected by hand or mechanically picked up and the pods are removed.

The use of garlic digger harvester machine

The garlic digger harvester machine that picks up garlic and removes the dirt and collects it into the fruit bin. During the operation, the digging shovel the garlic together with the soil. Under the action of the throwing wheel and the transfer wheel, the clouds are broken and a part is lost, and then thrown continuously by the fingers of the three subterranean wheels. The fine clods and broken earth particles are discharged through the circular arc bar sieve. The garlic and a small number of fine roots and fine soil are thrown to the swinging clearing sieve, and the fine soil is discharged through the sieve hole. The garlic fruit slides into the sieve through the sieve surface. Inside the fruit box. This harvester is suitable for sandy loam garlic with a water content of 10 to 18%.

Common faults in garlic harvesters

China tractor front mounted garlic harvester machine Common faults are mainly caused by the unstable body, bad soil removal, and more fruit loss. The reason why the fuselage is unstable is mainly caused by the inconsistent swing of the digging shovel on both sides of the harvester or the machine vibration caused by the shovel collision. At this time, we only need to adjust the length of the connecting rod to solve this problem. The problem is that the soil is not good, that is, the peanut harvested by the garlic harvester has more soil adhesion, and there is no shake off. This is caused by the fact that the digging shovel is too deep and the swing strength is reduced. At this time, we need to put the central rod The length is appropriately shortened so that the rear end of the strip is 3 to 5 cm away from the ground. Multiple rows of tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine is the reason why the digging shovel is too high and can be solved by extending the length of the central tie rod, which is exactly the opposite of the solution to the problem of poor soil removal.

New design tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine –AKSHJ-2 garlic harvest machine is a machine specially used for garlic harvesting. The quality of the garlic harvester is closely related to the quality of the garlic harvested in the year, so users should learn to choose the correct garlic harvester. The following tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine supplier introduces you to the choice of garlic harvester.

The tips of Choose the garlic harvester

1. When choosing a garlic harvester, first select the model that suits the local potato planting mode.
2. See if the function of the garlic harvester is complete, whether the design is advanced, don’t buy backward, eliminate the model.
3. Look at the appearance and details of the garlic harvester. The appearance and details are good, and the inner quality must not be wrong. From the appearance and details, it can be seen whether the company’s R&D and processing equipment, staff quality and other overall forces are big companies or small workshops. The laser cutting machine is the most advanced processing equipment in the world, and the parts cut from it are beautiful and precise. The center of the shaft and the shaft hole are good, so the shaft is continuous and the bearing is not bad. At present, domestic large and medium-sized enterprises have also introduced such equipment from abroad. The potato harvester processed by this equipment should be preferred.
4. See if the materials used in the New Design Tractor Front Mounted Garlic Harvest Machine are thick, whether the accessories are, and whether the materials meet the design requirements. Whether the special parts are molded or original production is the main factor related to quality. The most inconspicuous tires, good and bad prices, some can reach half, tire testing, it is best to rub a hand, or cut a piece, see if it is doped, then look at the layer.
5. When purchasing the machine, it is best to be accompanied by old users who understand the machine, because they can see the doorway of the machine and distinguish whether the equipment is good or bad.
6. See the equipment quality of the manufacturer of the tractor mounted garlic digger harvester for sale.

Everyone knows that there are gaps in the level of machinery and technology at home and abroad. So what is the difference between domestic and foreign garlic harvesting machines? Here are some of the specific differences we have learned:
Domestic garlic harvester
1. The technology content is not very high, the operation is simple and the machine head is small, suitable for small-scale planting in China’s national conditions.
2. The machine is simple in construction and has a strong vibration, so it is easy to damage the sweet potato and the damage of the machine is relatively large.
3. China tractor front mounted garlic harvester machine sweet potato is scattered on the ground, is not conducive to the harvest of the next row of sweet potatoes, and the separation effect is slight, not conducive to manual picking.
Foreign garlic harvester
1. High technology content, complicated operation, more functions, and larger machine heads, suitable for large-area planting.
2. Because of its large size, complicated operation, etc., it needs to be used together with the sweet potato sorting machine and the storage machine, eliminating the need for manual picking.
3. Because of the complicated operation and high cost of the machine, the use of professional training and maintenance costs is relatively high, which is not suitable for small-scale planting in China.
Our company’s garlic harvesting machine adopts the international advanced level and adopts the international advanced level. Combined with the advantages of domestic and foreign, it is especially suitable for domestic small-scale planting of garlic without the phenomenon of potato loss and potato breaking.

Installation and commissioning of garlic harvester

Since the garlic harvester occupies a large proportion in the agricultural harvest, its use is also very large, especially in the densely planted areas of garlic, the use of the garlic harvester is very necessary. After buying the garlic harvester, there are still many problems to be solved. The first thing to do is to face the problem of how to install and debug the garlic harvester. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of trouble for the future machine.
In order to solve the problem of how to install and debug the garlic harvester, professional researchers will bring you the precautions for the installation and commissioning of the garlic harvester. I believe it can help you.
The main steps and problems encountered in the installation and commissioning of the garlic harvester are:
1. Garlic harvester equipment has been installed and debugged before leaving the factory, but after purchasing the machine, some debugging is needed. If it is a normal operation, the rated efficiency of work can be achieved. These can be tested very simply, as long as the normal operation is as required.
2, to understand the working principle of the garlic harvester so that it can be very simple to complete when debugging the equipment. In addition, we must pay attention to the different types of garlic harvester equipment, the working principle is not the same, the debugging process must be distinguished.
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