Multiple rows Tractor Front Mounted Garlic Harvest Machine workflow


With the changes in the agricultural industry structure, garlic has become more and more concerned as an important economic crop. At present, most of the areas have adopted manual harvesting, with the help of self-made simple flat shovel manual excavation, the production efficiency is relatively low. To this end, Aike Machinery has conducted experiments and research on the existing segmented garlic harvesting machinery on the market, and combined with some theories and practices, it has improved its structure to produce a multiple rows tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine.
The garlic harvester machine is powered by a small four-wheel tractor with a large amount of load. Especially on the depth-limiting wheel of the machine, the depth-limiting wheel is connected with the steering arm of the tractor through the pull wire to realize the tractor front wheel and the depth-limiting wheel when harvesting garlic synchronous steering, effectively solves the problem that the front type harvester is not easy to operate.

Tractor Front Mounted Garlic Harvest Machine workflow

The multiple rows tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine is mainly composed of a deep-limited wheel, an excavating shovel, and a chain-rod conveying and separating component, and is integrally mounted on the front bumper of the small four-wheel tractor through a connecting frame, and is controlled by a hydraulic mechanism. The vibrating digging shovel excavates the garlic and soil together in the harvesting width of the crucible, and separates the garlic by conveying the chain rod and the front wide and narrow gathering board, and gathers the garlic in the tractor track. The front end of the digging shovel is equipped with a depth-limiting wheel that is steered synchronously with the front wheel of the tractor to ensure depth of excavation and easy operation.

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