Multiple rows garlic harvester with an extremely low breakage rate


Features of Mounted Garlic Harvest Machine

1. Multiple rows tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine the diesel engine-driven new generation of garlic harvester has four characteristics: “convenient, practical, efficient and safe”. The use of the double-body gearbox adds swirling and weeding to the machine. The function to achieve a multi-purpose effect. The machine is compact and well-made, and it is a great helper for the garlic farmers.
2. Using a blade to cross under the roots, do not hurt the garlic. Garlic does not move without chaos, easy to pick garlic.
3. 8 diesel engines, good start, four lines at a time, manual adjustment.
4. Suitable for one family, easy to operate.

Usage principle of Garlic Harvest Machine

The new design tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine is mostly a tractor-mounted or animal-tracked double-wing shovel or two single-wing shovels in a symmetrical configuration. During the operation, the main roots within a depth of about 10 cm are cut off. And the peanuts are lifted out of the ground along the shovel surface and laid into strips. The rear of the shovel is welded with longitudinally aligned bars to remove dirt. The paved garlic is collected by hand or mechanically picked up and the pods are removed. Garlic harvester machine that picks up garlic and removes the soil and collects it into the fruit box.

During the operation, the digging shovel the garlic together with the soil. Under the action of the throwing wheel and the transfer wheel, the clods are broken and a part is lost. And then threw continuously by the fingers of the three subterranean wheels. The fine soil and the broken soil are discharged through the circular arc bar sieve. The garlic pods and a small number of fine roots and fine soil are thrown to the oscillating clearing sieve. The fine soil is discharged through the sieve hole, and the garlic fruit slides through the sieve surface. Inside the fruit box on both sides. This harvester is suitable for sandy loam garlic with a water content of 10 to 18%.

Operation OF Garlic harvester

China tractor front mounted garlic harvester machine has been practiced many times and has achieved good results. It is recognized by the wide garlic farmers. This machine is made of high-strength steel, which is light and easy to install. This machine has less vibration, does not hurt the garlic, and has high efficiency. It is a good helper for collecting garlic.
When the user is using, connect the machine to the front frame of the single-cylinder diesel engine, fix it on the front frame with screws, and tighten the screws. The lower end of the front cylinder has an oil hole, and one end of the high-pressure oil pipe having the elbow is fixed on the upper side. And the other end is fixed on the output port of the oil pressure lifting under the seat.

When working, use the lifting rod to adjust the lifting and lowering, lowering by its own weight, and adjusting the front wheel by the depth. During use, pay attention to whether the screws on the machine are loose and must be kept tight. If there is damage, please stop the repair in time. Do not adjust the machine too deep or too shallow. Be skillful in your work, don’t let children get close, don’t modify it privately.

Advantages of the garlic harvester

1. The rate of injury is very low, artificial garlic is less than 5%, the rate of injury of the machine is controlled within 1%.

2. To solve the problem of interplanting, there are many areas where cotton is interplanted. And the machine is designed according to the intercropped cotton land.

3. A variety of benefits of disposable garlic, while loosening the soil while removing garlic. Removing weeds and increasing the permeability of the soil.

4. Save time, effort and save money. The machine works fast, about 3 acres per hour, 100 times of artificially harvested garlic. Every garlic harvester needs to pay more than 1,000 yuan per mu. Employing artificial harvesting, the cost of the planer only costs a few dollars for the fuel cost. The tractor-pulled garlic harvester uses the rear-drive output of the tractor to do the power. The rear-hanging operation has high work efficiency and various working widths are available. Different users, different terrain options. Now on the market tractor-mounted garlic digger harvester for sale, you can go to choose to buy.

Selection of garlic harvester

1. When choosing a garlic harvester, first select the model that suits the local garlic planting mode.

2. See if the function of the garlic harvester is complete, whether the design is advanced. Don’t buy backward, eliminate the model.

3. Tractor mounted garlic digger harvester looks and details, the appearance and details are done well, the inner quality must not be wrong. From the appearance and details, it can see whether the company’s R&D and processing equipment, staff quality and other overall forces are big companies or small workshops. The laser cutting machine is internationally advanced processing equipment, with a value of more than 3 million. The parts cut from it are beautiful and highly precise. The center of the shaft and the shaft hole are good, so the shaft is continuous and the bearing is not bad. At present, domestic large and medium-sized enterprises have also introduced such equipment from abroad. The potato harvester processed by this equipment should prefer.

4. See if the material used in the garlic harvester is thick, whether the accessories are, and whether the material meets the design requirements. Whether the special parts are molded or original production is the main factor related to quality. Unremarkable tires, good and bad prices. Some can reach half, tire testing, hand rubbing, or cut a piece, to see if it is doped, then look at the layer.

5. When buying the machine, accompanied by old users who understand the machine, because they can see the doorway of the machine. Distinguishing the equipment is good or bad.

6. Shop around, carefully selected.

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