Multi-function Reaper Binder Use characteristics


There are many types of reaper binder equipment on the market now, but most of them are a kind of equipment used to harvest a crop. It is not only inconvenient for farmers but also wastes of cost. Now farmers are in urgent need of a multi-function reaper binder to use. According to the market and users needs, Hexie Machinery produces a driven by tractor multi-function reaper binder. The equipment not only saves farmers’ harvesting costs but also is easy to operate. After the device went on the market, it was welcomed by many users.

Multi-function Reaper Binder Use characteristics

1. The machine is harvested cleanly, laid neatly, can be laid or stacked; can quickly harvest rice, beans, large wheat and other crops in paddy fields.
2. The machine is suitable for plain, hilly, terraced fields, triangular fields, and other fields and mud fields; the model harvests 3-4.5 acres per hour, about 1.2 liters of fuel, is 20 times that of artificial harvest.
3. The machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The engine’s power is strong and stable, the cylinder wall is chrome-plated, and the crankshaft is strengthened to extend the engine life and achieve the best matching performance.
4. The machine is replaced with the corresponding tool or work head, equipped with a safety shield, and can also harvest shrubs, pastures, reeds and tea plantation branches and flower beds.
5. Multi-function reaper binder eliminates the phenomenon that the electric harvester is frequently stuck due to insufficient power, makes the user’s harvesting smoother.

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