Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester with working efficiency is 4-11 mu /H


Multi-function peanut potato harvester is mainly composed of the gearbox, transmission chain, vibration wheel, digging shovel, elevator chain, depth limit wheel, and frame. During the operation, the 6~8kw walking tractor is used as the power. The tractor traction harvester advances, the digging shovel the potato and the soil layer together. The potato and the soil enter the lifting device together, and the lifting screen is transported during the conveying process. The side vibrates so that the broken soil falls from the gap of the grid, and the separation is completed, and the potato is directly laid on the ground. Easy to operate and save labor costs.

Use steps of Peanut Potato Harvester

1. First, start the walking tractor to make it run first;
2. Then the excavation parts of the potato peanut carrots harvester run to dig up the underground potatoes;
3. Then, when the machine continues to run, the digging potato moves backward. And the scooped potatoes and soil move backward, and the potatoes are transferred to the conveyor chain;
4. During the transportation process, the soil on the potato fell due to the constant shaking of the machine, and the cleaned potatoes fell.
5. This is beneficial to the reasonable combination of the excavation part and the separation part of the machine. And at the same time to complete the excavation and soil removal operations.
6. This method has the advantages of high productivity, low loss rate, and the like.

The equipment OF Multi-purpose Potato Peanut Carrots harvester

1. Agricultural use tractor with multi-function groundnut carrots Harvester’s drive power source is mainly based on pulleys and sprockets. And multi-function peanut potato harvester with working efficiency is 4-11 mu /H, high productivity.
2. Multi-function groundnut carrots harvester selects the chain drive to take into account the high stability and high efficiency in its work. Of course, it can work and install in a harsh environment with high temperature and low speed, oil pollution, etc. It is easy to operate, the price is low. And the ability to achieve a wide range of transmission is also an important reason to choose it.
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