Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester Advances in Application Technology


Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester Features

1. Aike Machinery multi-function peanut potato harvester is made of precision cast steel with an adjustable handle and shallow depth. Which is especially convenient.
2. Compact, beautiful, generous, double-chain clamping work.
3. The operation process is complete and orderly. In the operation, it integrates many functions such as augmentation, excavation, clearing, and ordering of peanuts and vines. And has high efficiency and low loss rate and can use for potato harvesting and other operations.

Working principle OF Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester

China tractor with multi-function potato garlic peanut harvester is suspended from the rear of the farm tractor by the suspension. It is powered by a tractor and needs to be chopped with a potato killer before harvesting. When the harvester is moving forward under the tractor’s traction. The potatoes, yam, and the soil are shoveled by the digging shovel. As the implement moves forward, the shoveling potatoes, yam. And dirt is transported over the conveyor separation unit.

The separation device generates an orderly jitter due to the constant rotation of the shaking device, and the potato yam above the separation device moves to the conveyor chain along with the rotation of the anti-winding device. After two stages of separation, the soil adhering to the surface of the potato is gradually removed due to the jitter of the conveyor chain. The harvested potato moves to the end of the conveyor chain and is then laid on the ground through the tail screen to facilitate drying and picking up.

Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester Advances in Application Technology

1. Potato harvesting technology: The existing potato harvester adopts a simple chain bowl seeding method. If it is not artificial, the seed replanting rate is higher than 25%. The seeding rate is higher than 15%, and the seedling injury rate is higher. Above 2%, the work efficiency is low, and it is not suitable for large-scale mechanized planting of potatoes. The harvesting unit of the potato harvester adopts a “bowl spoon” type seeding device and vibration. Shaking and chain tensioning mechanism, which realizes rapid harvest without labor. And reduces the breakage index of the potato to less than 10%.

2. Precise depth control technology of potato harvester: The depth of the existing potato harvester is controlled by the fixed opener and the three-point suspension of the tractor to control the planting depth. And the planting depth is greatly affected by the terrain. The harvesting depth control of the potato harvester adopts a single body depth-defending contouring mechanism to solve the uneven seeding depth caused by geographical and soil factors and improve the stability of harvesting.

3. Potato ridge shape control technology: The existing potato harvester mostly adopts plow type soil support disc or disc type soil support disc. The angle is not easy to adjust, and the ridge shape is irregular. The potato harvester broke through the inherent mode and developed a disc-shaped ridger. The application range has been expanded to increase the applicable line spacing from the current 600-700mm to 700-900mm. The plant spacing is 200-350mm higher than the current one. 170-440mm, the ridge shape control more can meet different agronomic requirements.

4. The harvesting box is designed into three different sizes of replaceable type. Which are arranged at equal intervals and arranged on the seed potato strip, and the back of the bowl spoon is provided with a flange. The range of adapting it to seed potatoes has been expanded from the traditional 30-50 grams to 15-80 grams.

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