Multi-function Paddy Rice Reaper Harvester–20 times the artificial harvest


High-quality tractor mounted multi-function reaper binder is the machine we use when harvesting corn. This kind of machine is mature or nearly mature in corn, and it is harvested by machine. Now there is a kind of new type of agricultural machinery developed by invisible energy development that can reduce the labor intensity of farmers, a low-cost suitable for rural small four-wheel, and then supporting you can harvest corn. The models around 3-4.5 acres harvested per hour, about 1.2 liters of fuel, 20 times the artificial harvest. The following Tractor mounted multi-function reaper binder manufacturer to introduce you to the device.

Driven by tractor multi-function reaper binder use The equipment is mainly composed of harvesting device, conveying device, liquid lifter, etc. The machine starts to work in the direction of the corn, then cuts the corn with a machine cutter and then finishes the harvest.
At the beginning of the machine work, first, check whether the machine tractor bumper is level, then install the lift on the tractor bumper and press the screw link to lift the frame to ensure stability.

The diesel engine and the harvester’s deceleration box are connected to the V-belt to prevent the V-belt from slipping. After the assembly is completed, the machine is operated for five minutes, and the parts can be started without any abnormality.
Since the harvester is transported on the right side, it is a faster method to harvest around the ground during harvesting. The cutter of the harvester is an alloy material, which is maintained and repaired after a period of use, which is conducive to saving time during harvesting. Labor saving.

Points to note when choosing a corn harvester

1. Variety and growth status of the crop: According to the variety and maturity of the crop, the feed amount, the adjustment range of the header and the adaptability of the wet cut are selected.
2. Quality of corn harvester: The quality of corn harvester is directly related to the operational efficiency and service life of corn harvester. When purchasing, we must strictly examine the various quality certificates and performance indicators of the machine to avoid the purchase of defective products. product.
3. High-quality tractor mounted multi-function reaper binder The production efficiency of the machine: the harvesting efficiency of the corn harvester is closely related to the feeding amount and walking speed of the corn harvester. Generally, the higher the efficiency of the machine, the higher the price. When purchasing, you need to choose according to your own situation.
4. Quality three packages of content and deadline: different manufacturers of machine warranty content and warranty time is not the same, you should choose as much as possible warranty coverage, long warranty time brand.
5. The supply of spare parts: the machine will inevitably fail, the purchase of parts must also be the focus of our consideration when the failure occurs, Tractor mounted reaper binder price in China, easy to purchase degree need to ask and carefully screen, can be reasonable The price is as soon as possible to buy the right accessories, complete the maintenance of the machine to ensure rapid harvesting efficiency.
6. Attention multi-function paddy rice reaper harvester binder price.

Preparation for using the harvester

1. Pre-harvest specimen: Check that the various components of the harvester are in good condition.
2. Driven by tractor multi-function reaper binder use, drive the machine into the field, then pull the straw bar to the working position, put down the grain table, pull the grain removal gate to the “open” position, and hang the grain bag hook The grain bag will open the machine to the vertical position of the field.
3. Debug machine: send dust adjustment handle to “standard” position, sub-shift handle according to crop conditions, choose to move to “high speed” or “low speed” position, and place the grass handle to “cut grass” or “grass” position.
4. Lower the header and lower the front end of the divider to 5-10 cm from the surface of the field.
5. Pull the disengagement clutch and the cutting clutch handle to the engaged position.
6. Push the main shifting handle forward slowly to allow the machine to start harvesting.
7. After the crop begins to enter the threshing port, the degranulation depth is manually adjusted to allow the ear to be in a position to exit the depth indication mark.
8. After the crop has been harvested, the cutting clutch handle is pulled to the separated position.
9. Wait until the grain outlet is no longer ready for grain, and pull the handle of the thresher clutch to the disengaged position.
10. Check that the switch of each part of the machine is closed.
11. Reduce the throttle and the engine stalls.
12. Return the harvester to the placement point and perform certain inspections and maintenance.

Maintenance of Rice Reaper Harvester Binder

1. Add and replace consumable parts and other operations.
2. Check the engine technical status, including whether the oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature is normal, whether the fuel consumption of the engine sound is normal.
3. Clean the combine harvester, remove the hulls on the machine, crush the stalks and other attachments, and lubricate all the friction parts in time. The outer chain should be cleaned and lubricated with oil.
4. Inspection of the separation device and the cleaning device. The inspection of the drafter should be flexible after the screwing of the crankshaft. The axial flow roller separation device mainly checks whether the rotation of the drum is light, flexible and reliable.
5. Inspection and adjustment of the header, including the speed and height of the reel, the stroke of the cutter and the cutting gap, whether the auger and the bottom clearance and the auger speed meet the requirements.
6. Inspection of the threshing device. Mainly the groove speed of the drum rotation speed should meet the requirements, the rotation speed is higher, the clearance is smaller, but the grain breakage and the drum blockage should not be caused.
7. Inspection of other items. Whether there are cracks in the welded parts, whether all kinds of oil and water are clean enough, whether the fasteners are firm, whether the movement of the rotating parts is flexible and reliable, whether the operating device is flexible, accurate and reliable, especially the hydraulic operating mechanism must be accurate when used.

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