Middle Size Wet and Dry Peanut Picking Machine with Capacity: 0.8-1t/h per hour

Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine 500/400 is one of the agricultural products, which is mainly used for peanut harvesting. With the use of peanut picker, peanut harvesting is easy. And it has working time and works efficiency.
The use of the peanut picker reduces the manual work, greatly shortens the working time and has a very stable effect. It is a peanut picking machine that is currently used more.
The reliability of the peanut picker is very important, including trouble-free, maintainability and durability. It requires that the peanut machinery can work reliably and work reliably under the specified conditions of use within a specified time, and the service life is long.

5HZ-500/4HZ-400 wet and dry peanut picking machine
Operating capacity: 0.8-1t/h per hour
Cleavage rate: 99%
Shell rate: 1%
Structure quality (kg): 500
Dimensions (mm) for 4HZ-400: 1400×1010×1200
Dimensions (mm) for 5HZ-500: 2100×1200×1400
Supporting power (horsepower): 12-horsepower diesel engine or more
Power output form: universal joint drive or diesel engine

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