Micro Tractor/Orchard Tractor/Small Garden Tractor


Micro Tractor/Orchard Tractor/Small Garden Tractor

The self-propelled multi-functional ditching and fertilizing machine is mainly used for digging and applying fertilizer and organic fertilizer in the orchard, rotary tillage, spraying, weeding and ditching in the park. The machine is small in size (the overall dimensions are: 249 cm in total length, 100 cm in width and 75 cm in height). It is easy to operate and can be turned in place. Micro Tractor/Orchard Tractor/Small Garden Tractor six major functions: 1. Automatic backfilling for trenching and fertilization; 2. Ditching alone; 3. Backfilling alone; 4. Rotary tillage; 5. Weeding; 6. Winding and spraying. The width of the ditch is 30 cm, the depth of the ditch is adjustable from 0 to 40 cm, the working speed is from 300 m to 1200 m per hour; the depth of fertilization is adjustable from 0 to 30 cm, and the width of the rotary tiller is 90 cm. Weeding 105 cm; the backfilling device is 150 cm wide; the total height of the spraying device is 130 cm, which can be freely disassembled by 50 cm, and the total weight is 1.1 tons. The vehicle travels at a speed of about 0.5 to 5 kilometers per hour.

It is divided into six forward gears and two to the reverse gears. It is manually operated on the left side of the machine. The machine is powered by a 28/32/35 horsepower single-cylinder diesel engine. The engine is centered. The travel gearbox is separated from the transmission gearbox. When the trenching and fertilizing operation is carried out in the hilly area, no additional weight is required. All the gearboxes are geared and durable. The rubber track is used for walking, and the straightness and passability of walking are good, and the contact area with the ground is large, and it is not easy to slip. The grooving knife is made of 75 manganese steel, and the blade is all welded with wear-resistant welding rod. It is at least 10 times stronger than the ordinary grooving knife. It adopts -type forced fertilizer, and the amount of fertilizer can be adjusted, 0.5 to 15 kg per meter.

And the dry small piece of cattle and sheep manure can be directly fertilized by the automatic backfilling device for fertilization, and the large piece of farmyard manure can be fertilized by separate ditching; the spraying adopts the air-fed imported anti-drip ceramic nozzle and the high-efficiency medicine pump, and the ceramic piece can be replaced. The spraying width is 5-10 meters, the spraying height is 5-8 meters, and each nozzle can be individually switched, the adjustable size can be adjusted, and the medicine box is 300 stainless steel volume 300 liters or 600 kg water. At present, the machine is widely used in the field management of various economic crops such as fruit trees, grapes, walnuts, etc., which can save a lot of labor!

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