The operation process of the Small Garden Tractor


Now more commonly used in agricultural production, and the model of the device can also meet the needs of users, users who have used the device know, low price 40 horsepower 404 small garden tractor.

The operation process of the small garden tractor

The small garden tractor uses an offset crank-link mechanism to drive the cutter to work. It is suitable for grassland, sloping land and hilly land in agriculture, forestry and pastoral areas. It is used for harvesting natural pasture and planting pasture, alfalfa, and reed. Green storage feed, etc. The tractor power output shaft drives the cutting motion of the cutter, the three-point suspension mechanism controls the movement of the implement, and the tractor power output mechanism is operated to realize the movement or stop of the cutter.

As a good helper for agricultural production and for getting rich, small garden tractor not only must we purchase and maintain, but it is also very important to operate, maintain and maintain the machinery correctly. Therefore, after using the device, the user should maintain the device to extend the life of the device and maintain the productivity of the device.


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