Method operation of 4U-90 Single row Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester


Hexie Machinery produces 4U-90 single row tractor mounted potato harvester is a new type of equipment for harvesting potatoes. The equipment needs to maintain after a period of use, especially for the maintenance of the tool. You can’t let it rust, and the dirt on the tool needs to clean up after it is not used. The stored environment is preferably dry and ventilated, and if it is too moist, it can cause rust. The second is to use the correct requirements when operating.

Method operation of  Single row Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester

1. Prevent the engine temperature from being too high: In most cases, the water tank is short of water. At this time, the cooling water cannot add immediately. Which may cause the cylinder head or cylinder to burst and burn people. The correct way is to stop running, run at low speed, wait until the water temperature drops to around 70 degrees Celsius, and then slowly add clean cooling water.

2. The scale of the engine water tank should not too thick. The scale of the engine water jacket is too thick, which will reduce the heat dissipation efficiency by 30% to 40%. It is easy to cause the engine to overheat and the power is reduced. Therefore, the scale should clean regularly to maintain good cooling performance.

3. Prevent the fuel system from generating gas resistance. Once the fuel has gas resistance, stop it immediately and cool down, and pull the hand pump to remove the air to make the oil circuit full of fuel.

4. Pay attention to the oil used. The viscosity of the lubricating oil changes with the temperature. When the temperature rises, the viscosity decreases. In the summer, special diesel engine oil should be used.

5. The tightness of the fan tape is loose, the work at high temperature, the tension of the tape reduces, the tape is slipped, the transmission efficiency is reduced. And the tape is easily damaged. Therefore, the tension of the engine in the summer cold car is slightly higher than the standard value.

6. Be sure to pay attention to the fire. Always check and tighten the wires and fuel pipe joints to prevent fire caused by sparks or fuel pipe leakage caused by poor contact.

7. Single row tractor mounted potato harvester the tires pressure cannot be too high, the temperature rises, the air heat rises the volume, and it is easy to cause the tire to burst. Inflating tires in summer should be 5% to 7% lower than in winter and never exceed the standard pressure of the tires.

8. No oil resistance can occur in the oil brake line. In the high-temperature summer, the brake circuit of the oil brake is prone to air resistance, which seriously affects the braking effect. Therefore, in use, one must ensure a sufficient amount of brake oil, and secondly, prevent leakage of the pipeline. Third, the timely occurrence of air resistance drains the air.

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